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Allen Weiner
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7 years at Gartner
23 years IT industry

Allen Weiner shares insights on how to monetize digital marketing through commerce. His focus on “Commerce Everywhere” provides perspective on how social, mobile, search and emerging channels can be tapped to improve customer experiences and drive business results … Read Full Bio

The Droning of Digital Commerce

by Allen Weiner  |  December 5, 2013

The “60 Minutes” love letter to Amazon, which took the form of a 14-minute segment that amounted to an infomercial regaling the wonders of the Seattle-based “everything store,” has resulted in more drone –related social media humor than could be assembled by a gathering of every staff writer who has worked for “SNL” since its […]

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What’s So Great About Cyber Monday?

by Allen Weiner  |  November 24, 2013

Let me say this about Cyber Monday—I just don’t get it. To me, it feels like one of those made-up days of distinction the greeting card companies come up with like Secretary’s Day or Boss’s Day (oops, that really is a great idea) or, even more in the category of such faux notoriety as National […]

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Black Friday—Is There an App for That?

by Allen Weiner  |  November 19, 2013

In the app economy, there are no one-size-fits all menus of choices that will satisfy the vast expanse of consumers whose interests range from Justin Bieber music (yuck) to learning how to play pedal steel guitar. Perhaps that’s why there are more apps downloaded than the combined total fast food burgers and pizza slices served […]

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Thanksgiving Shopping Is The New Black

by Allen Weiner  |  November 13, 2013

As if magically levitated out of November calendar and stretched beyond previous limits, Black Friday now includes Turkey Day as part of its allure for holiday season bargain hunters willing to put down their forks to go elbow to elbow with fellow shoppers in this newly carved slice of retail nirvana. In short, holiday shopping […]

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Finding Your Commerce Signal Caller

by Allen Weiner  |  September 10, 2013

With week one of the 2013 NFL season in the books, even casual fans are able to see how some of this year’s draft picks are likely to fare. Extra attention is paid, as per usual, to the men who line up under center, wearing a number that falls between 1 and 20 (little known […]

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Digital Marketers Should Tell Stories with Benefits

by Allen Weiner  |  August 28, 2013

I was touched and somewhat tearful when I watched a new video spot for Extra gum in which we see a time lapse narrative of a father and daughter who bond over his miniature creations made from gum wrappers. During each phase of their relationship, the wrappers are an aluminum foil tie that binds culminating […]

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Content Marketing is Less about Marketing and More About Content

by Allen Weiner  |  August 27, 2013

I happen to be one of these curmudgeons who routinely become skeptical when any person, product, trend or fad reaches the point of being coin of the realm. When the Q score goes up, so does my own internal Doubting Thomas and I need to assuage my personal doubts and see whether we’re at a […]

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Digital Marketers and Commerce Convergence

by Allen Weiner  |  August 22, 2013

After more than a decade of sitting on the sidelines, I heard from a friend who came out of retirement to take on a part-time job at a new-ish retail store that’s part of the brand portfolio of a major, global company. Her first week of work, and her tales of being back among the […]

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Amazon Goes Down, Marketers Stay Connected

by Allen Weiner  |  August 20, 2013

Yes, it’s a big deal when a major infrastructure provider such as Amazon suffers an outage, setting social media ablaze with visions of doom (not to mention serious sarcasm) and calculation of the web giant’s lost revenue on a second by second basis $66 million according to RetailNet Group . For marketers and merchants who […]

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Mapping the Metamorphosis of Blogging for Digital Marketers

by Allen Weiner  |  July 11, 2013

Time was everyone had a blog, from Whole Foods CEO John Mackey to a down-on-his luck feline who goes by the name Grumpy Cat. Time was people felt the (sometimes) spontaneous empowerment that comes with a blog (that’s a web log for you WWW historians) was fun, cathartic and in some ways personally or professionally […]

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