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Keen to Showcase your Achievements in Marketing & Communications? 10 Top Tips for a Winning Entry..

By Alexandra Earl | September 26, 2022 | 0 Comments

The Gartner Communications Awards has expanded to now recognize and reward the professional achievements of both communicators AND marketers around the world. Now in its 13th year, the Awards continues to showcase work that truly pushes the boundaries of these functions. So, what are the benefits of entering and how can you enhance your chances of a successful entry? As Chair of the Awards (and a judge for nearly 10 years), I have a unique perspective to share on what makes a compelling submission.

Why enter?

  • Showcase groundbreaking results on a global stage: Be recognized by professional peers and experts from around the world for work that defines smart, commercially focused Marketing and Communication, and the sustainable and measurable business impact it brings.
  • Redefine the game: International experts in Marketing and Communications review and assess every entry. Have yours independently endorsed by them and show what it means to break new ground.
  • Join the world’s best and elevate the status of Marketing and Communications: Show you’re a leader in the profession, with a globally recognized award that means greater credibility, impact and influence within your own organization and networks, and in the industry overall.
  • Ignite your team and spark ongoing success: Celebrate and reward your people for their imagination, innovation and dedication, and you’ll inspire them to reach higher and further.  Recognizing great work fuels more great work.
  • Attract and keep top talent: Shine a spotlight on your achievements and prove the value of your skills, strategy and resources, so people with expertise to match will want to join you.

How to write a winning entry:

  1. Tap into Gartner resources for ideas: Gartner clients can review case studies from other organizations to benchmark against their own approaches via but EVERYONE can learn from previous winners via our Awards website. You can learn a lot from these initiatives and what was and is considered groundbreaking and/or excellent.
  2. Keep it simple and to the point: Focus on what the judges are asking for — it’s all laid out in the criteria. They appreciate clear, plain language, free from jargon and unexpected acronyms. Most importantly, be sure your entry is easy to understand.
  3. Answer the question: For every category, there are specific guidelines and requirements that must be directly addressed. Read the questions very carefully and be sure to draw links back to all awards criteria as you put your entry together.
  4. Remember the business case: Relate your entry to strategic business problems and priorities. Tell the judges what business challenge you were aiming to resolve and how the intervention helped achieve business goals. Demonstrate how you have helped the business achieve goals by sharing associated metrics.
  5. Address the challenges: No individual or team is perfect, so don’t shy away from mentioning issues that arose during the project. Our judges want to hear about how you’ve addressed difficult situations and tackled these effectively.
  6. Provide solid evidence: Provide relevant evidence against the criteria wherever possible. Include specific data, like employee engagement/performance, as well as the impact on business measures, such as increased revenues or profitability.  You can send us additional supporting materials that prove results.
  7. Be passionate: Your entry should explain why you’re passionate about your project, why it’s important and the context, so the judges can understand the scale of what you have achieved and why it’s exciting to you and the rest of the organization.
  8. Include testimonials: Sometimes the data doesn’t tell the full story. Collect reviews from colleagues and business partners on the value of your project, if they will help provide a more complete picture of what you achieved. Use storytelling! Just remember to get permission first and source each one.
  9. Follow the rules: The awards rules apply to everyone, so read the terms and conditions carefully, keep to the word count, answer every question and make sure to submit your entry online before the deadline. Once the clock ticks past midnight on 16 December 2022, that’s it — time is up! Don’t leave it until the deadline to rush something that won’t do justice to your hard work.
  10. Proofread your entry: Your awards entry needs to be cross-checked by the best writers in your organization. Make sure the entry is thoroughly vetted and optimized before you submit it.

And one last top tip, remember that above all, stronger entries are always the ones which clearly explain the impact that their work has had on their organization’s objectives.

So, ready to write your entry now and showcase to the world your fantastic achievements? Take a look at our Awards website for further information on how to enter, this year’s categories, examples of winning entries from previous years and testimonials from former winners on how they’ve benefitted. Good luck and we look forward to reviewing your entry in the coming months!

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