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Akif Khan
Sr Director Analyst, Adaptive Resilience, Risk & Trust Mgmt I
1 year at Gartner
19 years IT Industry

Akif Khan, PhD, is a Senior Director within Gartner Research focused on payment fraud within digital commerce. Dr. Khan's areas of expertise include fraud prevention using both rules-based and machine learning systems, behavioral biometrics, device identification and multifactor authentication. In addition, he focuses on creation of payment fraud prevention strategies in multichannel digital environments involving e-commerce, m-commerce and contact center. Dr. Khan also advises clients on prevention of payment fraud via account takeover, with an emphasis on both detection and mitigation. His expertise in payment fraud applies across multiple payment mechanisms, involving traditional credit/debit cards, so-called alternative payment methods, loyalty points, and blockchain-based payment systemsRead Full Bio

Online Fraud and the Pandemic

by Akif Khan  |  May 12, 2020

A common theme in the inquiry calls that I am getting at the moment is clients seeking insight into how the pandemic is affecting online fraud rates. It’s a valid and interesting question, for sure…….and one to which I don’t have the answer. Various vendors have released reports discussing what they’re seeing across their own […]

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