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Ad Tech Confusion, Future Marketing Infusion And Solutions

By Adam Sarner | April 10, 2015 | 0 Comments

The large Ad Tech area still confuses many marketers, including some of the providers, as they continue to evolve from multiple versions of themselves. This fragmented ecosystem is made up in part of programmatic media offerings such as ad networks and exchanges, supply-side and demand-side platforms (real-time bidding for ads), data providers (many of whom sell cookie data) and data management platforms (many of whom do not want to be called a data management platform anymore).

Although this ecosystem is complex, they are not to be dismissed, nor kept separate from traditional marketing operations. They should not be left alone to fight amongst themselves or with their mega competitors like Google and Facebook. They trade on something very special marketers need:  A treasure trove of real-time customer data derived from the digital world.

Step inside marketers’ customer records and you are likely to find first-party data, data that is collected and is owned. Customer data like transactional data, customer service data, sales data, names, addresses, ages, etc. are all examples. Marketers use this data to create personas and segments to engage with their customers. Data providers in the Ad Tech world can supply behavioral data and contextual data – such as location –  that marketers can correlate with their first-party data to discover and target anonymous audiences who resemble their company’s best customers, in real-time.  Data management platforms can help enrich and create new customer personas and segments and explore ways of reaching them through multiple forms of digital media. Ad Tech’s promise, among others, is for marketers to have lots more access to customer data and a deeper understanding of what to take action on.

This week, Gartner For Marketing Leaders explores the changing and competitive Ad Tech ecosystem and the opportunities markers have if they know how to navigate in it. Clients only.

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