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Social Marketing, Mobile Marketing And The Bottom Line

By Adam Sarner | March 20, 2015 | 0 Comments

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Over the last 12 months, Mobile Marketing has become the new Social, but both have enormous still untapped opportunity.

Like all new technology triggers and techniques, Social Marketing enjoyed a meteoric rise to the peak of inflated expectations. Social Marketing initiatives, teams, executive buy-in and almost an endless supply of chatter on social networks about social dominated. Now Social Marketing is coming back to earth with a better understanding about where it works and where it doesn’t. Social Marketers are now are now pressed with how to best connect to and inform other marketing initiatives along with a clear direction on what it will take to prove its performance. Social Marketing will be powerful, it will take its rightful place as part of the “real-time” conversation between company and customer, but it still has more work to do.

This year, Mobile Marketing is now in focus. Smartphones and tablet users are expected to approach 7 billion by 2020. The wearable electronics market for personal fitness alone will reach $5 billion by the end of 2016.  The “Internet of Things” is growing 30 fold to 26 billion “things” by 2020 and will be used to traverse digital and physical environments, many times with mobile as the remote control.  This level of adoption and connections to people, places and things, means mobile is turning into a once-in-a-decade opportunity for marketers to deliver new and innovative ways to interact in real-time with customers. But, besides the immaturity of some of the technology, with promises still yet to come,   Mobile Marketing strategy will need to move beyond stand-alone thinking, one-off promotional apps and mobile blast messaging and turn to its rightful place as part the real-time conversation along with its shown, proven performance. Mobile Marketing still has more work to do.

This week (for clients only)  Gartner For Marketing Leaders tackles what both Social Marketing and Mobile Marketing needs to seize these large opportunities for both Social and Mobile Marketing by sharing best practices, show how to measure ROI, and discuss the technology marketers will need to prove effectiveness.

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