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Multichannel Campaign Management MQ 2013

By Adam Sarner | June 05, 2013 | 1 Comment

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Gartner has just published our multichannel campaign management MQ for 2013 and is available for clients here.

Digital marketing continues to fuel the multichannel campaign management market. New approaches to campaigns such as real-time social and mobile offers as well as the rising need of content marketing to support interactions, will be aggressively driving this market forward.

Budgets for digital marketing are growing about twice as fast as the overall marketing budget and now represent about a quarter of total marketing spending. Gartner expects spending on CRM software to exceed $14 billion in 2013, with a growth rate of 7.5% — marketing automation will achieve 11% annual growth.

Digital marketing has sparked this growth because it enables new techniques that can grow revenue faster — for example, inbound marketing, real-time marketing and data-driven marketing. In addition, new technologies such as social and mobile open, not just new channels, but new ways of engaging customers. Marketers now have to coordinate more channels and more kinds of campaigns.

The pace of change challenges established MCCM vendors to keep up by adding new functions.

Vendors with new technologies will continue to enter the market, and these innovations, which are sorely needed, can often differentiate companies from their competition.

The multichannel campaign management market consists largely of established vendors that started by selling full-function, on-premise software (for connections to direct mail, call centers, and email), and of new vendors that offer cloud solutions with fewer functions (usually to the marketing organization), focused on digital marketing (such as email, social and mobile). Established players are re-architecting their solutions to accommodate digital marketing. The newer vendors are busy adding functions, including offline capabilities, via development and acquisitions. Both are adding advanced analytics to improve decision making around campaigns. This work lays the groundwork for more accelerated changes in the MCCM market in the future.
Thus, the MCCM market exhibits an fusing of offline and online channels driving change. MCCM vendors are beginning to responded not simply by enhancing the functions of their products but also by changing their approach to delivering value to customers:

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1 Comment

  • Ghanshyam says:

    Yes, very true! Digital marketing continues to fuel the multichannel campaign management market. Organizations will not want to leave any avenue untouched since today the current scenario is something like this: PC at work, iPad for travel, TV to unwind, iPhone for your personal life, BlackBerry for work emails, magazines for downtime, and a MacBook at home… Today for most of the people, life is a mix of platforms, channels, interactions, and engagements.
    CRM Vendors too are taking the same approach of providing the CRM system with enhanced KPIs and enhanced functionality of Mobile CRM and Social CRM. Best examples are Salesforce that triggered the Social CRM with Chatter & recently with acquisition of Exact Target while with offering Mobile CRM solutions deployed over various mobile platforms like ipads, iphones and Android devices.