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Tailor Social Media Content by Getting to Know Platform Power Users

by Jack Mackinnon  |  February 12, 2020

Social Media is no monolith. The most popular social media platforms—Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter—offer vastly different functionality and features. Creating varied content across these core four is certainly a...

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The Great British Plug and Industry Standards

by Andrew White  |  February 12, 2020

I was somewhat intrigued to read an article in this week’s Economist titled, ‘The Parable of the Plug’. The article looks at the success of the British electric plug via...

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What Can “La Di Da Di” Teach Us About Combinatorial Digital Innovation And The Importance Of Preserving Old Ideas.

by Rajesh Kandaswamy  |  February 11, 2020

In a previous post, I wrote about the growing importance of combinatorial digital innovation. The research note “Seize the Technology Advantage With Combinatorial Digital Innovation” (for clients) expands on this...

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Successful Sales Integrations Begin with the Sales Leader

by Dave Egloff  |  February 11, 2020

The current uncertainty in the marketplace has put many organizations on the move so they can be winning in the turns. Winning in the Turns is a set of management...

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Competitive Labs, Do you have one? Are you losing out?

by Scot Kim  |  February 11, 2020

I get asked by a number of SMB and large enterprise vendors if they should employ a competitive lab.  My answer is always,  it depends on what type of investment...

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Forget About a Privacy UX if You Can't Even Get CX Right

by Bart Willemsen  |  February 10, 2020

In the many thousands of calls I've had in my recent 3.5 years with Gartner, mostly related to privacy and ethics, it's become clear that the obvious is not obvious...

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Our Top 20 Most-Read Data and Analytics Research Last Week (to Feb 9)

by Andrew White  |  February 10, 2020

Click here for an interactive PDF to connect to the most read data and analytics research directly. This list excludes our branded research such as Magic Quadrants etc. Melody Chien entered the...

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Want to be more trustworthy? Focus on these three things.

by Ed Gabrys  |  February 10, 2020

Take a moment and ask yourself, what is your definition of trust and how do you know when you are trusted? Did the answers come quickly, or not? If you...

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Multicloud Networking

by Andrew Lerner  |  February 10, 2020

Based on a survey from November 2018, 81% of respondents who use the public cloud were currently working with two or more external providers. Further, if you have anything on-prem...

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Calling a Python Function From Java

by Raj Bala  |  February 7, 2020

I spend a great deal of time thinking about serverless computing and what it means to application development, operations, etc. But one of the most understated aspects from the perspective...

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