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US Consumer Values on the Move: A Decade of Change

by Kate Muhl  |  January 15, 2020

Values are the fundamental ideas and ideals with which people associate themselves. Gartner’s consumer values data offers a quantified measurement of those ideas and ideals and a way to understand...

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4 Stages of Ethical AI: Algorithmic Bias is Not the Problem but Part of the Solution

by Anthony Bradley  |  January 15, 2020

Algorithmic bias is often in the news and has become a bit of a hot button in ethical AI. The vilification of algorithmic bias is unwarranted and misplaced. A focus...

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Stop Bullying Apple Around and Do Some Intelligence Homework

by Avivah Litan  |  January 14, 2020

Apple is once again being ordered by the U.S. Department of Justice to unlock terrorist iphones, and once again they are refusing. In the latest case DOJ is trying to...

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Our Top 20 Most-Read Data and Analytics Research Last Week (to Jan 5)

by Andrew White  |  January 14, 2020

Click here for an interactive PDF to connect to the most read data and analytics research directly. This list excludes our branded research such as Magic Quadrants etc. I (that would be...

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Beyond Single Version of the Truth

by Andrew White  |  January 14, 2020

The single version of the truth can be anathema. It does not really exist and it’s not really worth the effort. But then again, what we mean by that phrase...

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As an “Always-On” Manager, Tech CEOs Will Lose the Next-Generation Workforce

by Rene Buest  |  January 14, 2020

When presented with the four typical management profiles, 49% of tech CEOs who participated in a recent Gartner Tech CEO Research Circle survey, Talent in the Turns, classified their style...

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January 2020 Hadoop Apache Project Tracker

by Merv Adrian  |  January 14, 2020

Until 2018, I published comparisons of the supported versions of components in the multiple available Hadoop distributions. Those older posts showed the ebb and flow of new additions to the...

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"Not Just Talk:  Five Things You Can Do NOW to Promote Diversity &  Inclusion" by Debbie Wilson

by Debbie Wilson  |  January 13, 2020

Not Just Talk:  Five Things You Can Do NOW to Promote Diversity &  Inclusion It’s well-established fact that diverse teams outperform those that are not.  Variety in thought process, approach,...

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Update Your Application Strategy to Exploit Emerging Digital Experience Technologies

by Deacon Wan  |  January 13, 2020

Leading organizations are working together to evolve Application strategy from Supporting business to Enabling, Orchestrating, and Designing changes   Instead of continuing to be overwhelmed by operational support, see how...

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New January Publications

by Jitendra Subramanyam  |  January 9, 2020

The Chief Data & Analytics Officer Research Team published the following last month: Business Value of D&A: Case Study: Realizing the Promise of Analytics and BI Platforms (Dow) If...

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