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Clayton Christensen, a great person and a great teacher

by Mark Mcdonald  |  January 26, 2020

Recently we lost a humble giant of strategy, executive education and good people. The Wall Street Journal on Saturday featured an obituary for Clayton Christensen.  I had the honor of...

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World Economic Forum 2020 - Main Takes

by Pedro Pacheco  |  January 24, 2020

This year’s World Economic Forum in Davos has once again been a place of reflection for world leaders and heads of industry. The topics of “Tech for Good”, “How to...

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Our Data and Analytics Research Plans for 2020

by Andrew White  |  January 24, 2020

Its a New Year.  Its a new plan.  Well, not exactly.  But our research plans have evolved and been updated.  You can find out form our Key Initiative Primers exactly...

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Keep Your Eye On The Ball

by Clare Dietz  |  January 24, 2020


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What Leading in a Digital Society Means

by Don Scheibenreif  |  January 23, 2020

Last month we published Winning in the Turns — Leadership in a Digital Society: Key Insights From the 2019 Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo Keynote . This is our annual summary of key ideas...

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Top 5 Content Marketing Do's and Don'ts

by Nicole Greene  |  January 22, 2020

How do brands capture consumer attention? Marketers are faced with a flood of competing content and the fact that the average person has an attention span of less than 6...

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China is Dominating Computer Vision AI Venture Capital Investment

by Anthony Bradley  |  January 22, 2020

Our recent research shows that venture capital (VC) investment in computer vision technology firms has increased four-fold from 2016-2018 exceeding a total of $8 billion USD. We analyzed over 1400...

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Our Top 20 Most-Read Data and Analytics Research Last Week (to Jan 19)

by Andrew White  |  January 22, 2020

Click here for an interactive PDF to connect to the most read data and analytics research directly. This list excludes our branded research such as Magic Quadrants etc. Afraz Jaffri's first note...

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Microsoft Could Revitalize Knowledge Management With Project Cortex

by Darin Stewart  |  January 22, 2020

Everybody wants effective knowledge management in their enterprise. Nobody wants to exert the effort or commit the resources necessary to make KM happen. Creating and capturing knowledge is a pain...

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"Secure the moving target!" by Tim Faith

by Debbie Wilson  |  January 21, 2020

The future of enterprise applications is integration.   One day there will be a frictionless user experience for all users of ERP that will enable deep insights into business at a...

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