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Knowledge management is not a market

by Karen Hobert  |  February 21, 2018

I regularly receive requests from clients to discuss the “Knowledge Management Market”, its vendors, products, value, and growth. The tricky part when answering this line of questioning is that, from...

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Product Manager Role Description for Digital Business

by Deacon Wan  |  February 21, 2018

A Product Centric operating model benefits from - Block funded budgeting - Capability aligned - Distributed decisions - Products over projects - Dedicated resources - Continuous delivery - supported by...

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Looking at the LDW Through RoI Tinted Glasses

by Henry Cook  |  February 21, 2018

I remarked in a previous blog that there are certain themes that regularly pop up in my client conversations, because they are useful tools in thinking about analytics and the Logical...

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The Strongest Differentiator - A Different Point of View

by Hank Barnes  |  February 20, 2018

When looking for differentiation, I continue to see clients looking at their product features or service capabilities as their primary source of differentiation.   While in some cases, product can be...

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Acorns: The Dollar Shave Club of Fintech

by David Yockelson  |  February 18, 2018

What if you could open and maintain an investment account on your phone that was funded automatically by the spare change between the price of your latte and the next whole...

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"Tell Us About Your Technology" and More Analyst Briefing Tips

by Anton Chuvakin  |  February 16, 2018

After the epic post with vendor tips for analyst briefings, I had a lot of feedback and comments [and praise – mostly praise, naturally :-)]. One thing came up though:...

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ERP is Sexy!

by Debbie Wilson  |  February 16, 2018

I love the regular chuckles and chiding I get over my Gartner email signature tagline: “ERP is sexy!”  As you might expect, I make this statement precisely to be provocative...

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Bridging the Insight to Action Gap with a Dashboard

by Benjamin Bloom  |  February 16, 2018

For nearly two years I ran my marketing team using a dashboard - how I got there is the story of moving from an avalanche of reports to a single...

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Enterprise Collaboration: Still Wandering in the Desert

by Craig Roth  |  February 15, 2018

Information workers may sit in a sea of fuzzy cubes, spread across windowless floors lit by fluorescent lights, but when it comes time to collaborate they are often wandering the...

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Decentralized Identity - The Hard Work Begins

by Homan Farahmand  |  February 15, 2018

Gartner introduced the decentralized identity (DID) conceptual architecture in "Blockchain: The Dawn of Decentralized Identity [1]," which was published in September 2016. In a decentralized identity model, users generate and manage their own...

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