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Buyer Readiness Does Not Mean Buyer Knowledge

by Hank Barnes  |  September 25, 2018

We've talked about buyer readiness at Gartner for a long time.  Our feeling is that there are 4 stages of readiness (buying, shopping, aware, unaware) that you may encounter when...

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Imagining the forest of World Wide Ledger from the Blockchain Trees

by Homan Farahmand  |  September 24, 2018

At Gartner we have a type of research – “Maverick” – that is designed to spark new, unconventional insights (unconstrained by our typical process) to deliver breakthrough, innovative and disruptive...

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Au revoir

by Ian Mcshane  |  September 24, 2018

This is my last week with an email address.  My last day with Gartner is September 28th, 2018.  It's been a wonderful two years.  I've met great people, learned...

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The Shortsightedness of Blockchain Disillusionment

by Avivah Litan  |  September 24, 2018

Anyone who gets disillusioned with blockchain should consider spending time researching why blockchain technology: Is still immature, What needs to happen to make it scalable, and Why it can revolutionize...

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Bypass Data Center Outsourcing Competition Smartly with Intelligent Automation Services

by Rene Buest  |  September 24, 2018

Currently, data center outsourcing (DCO) providers spend 70% to 80% of their IT budget on operations and maintenance of data centers. However, clients increasingly expect year-over-year improvements in service quality...

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Content Marketing Success Requires Forward Thinking

by Marc Brown  |  September 22, 2018

Content marketing leaders are seeking better ways to maximize their content marketings impact. And, no matter how creative, memorable, or popular your content may become, every piece you create and publish will ultimately...

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"Tell Me a Story – The Art of Stating a Case for ERP" by Denise Ganly

by Debbie Wilson  |  September 21, 2018

The variations in ERP strategies and business cases are breathtaking. They come in all shapes and sizes. They can be long, short, brief, detailed and every combination in between.  Some...

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Are You Ready for the next STEP in 3D Printing?

by Pete Basiliere  |  September 21, 2018

The newest 3D printing technology gets a boost — LEGO and Stanley Black & Decker are on board. Will STEP be worth the wait? Looking back five years, when the...

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Product Roadmaps – How much do you share?

by Arthur Villa  |  September 21, 2018

When used correctly, product roadmaps build alignment between product managers and key audiences like senior executives, sales, clients, key business partners, and developers.  Having a clear understanding of future release...

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