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What Ever Happened to GRC?

by John Wheeler  |  November 12, 2018

In our ongoing coverage of Integrated Risk Management (IRM) technology and service providers, the relevance and frequency of client inquiry related to Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) continues to decline....

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Book Review: Kaigun: Strategy, Tactics, and Technology in the Imperial Japanese Navy 1887-1941

by Andrew White  |  November 12, 2018

Book Review: Kaigun: Strategy, Tactics, and Technology in the Imperial Japanese Navy 1887-1941, David C Evans and Mark R Peattie, Naval Institute Press, 1997. This is the most comprehensive book...

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Data over Substance - For Now

by Andrew White  |  November 8, 2018

There was an interesting article in today’s US print edition of the Wall Street Journal. It was titled, Wall Street Analysts Are Selling More Data. The article explains how increasingly...

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Infinity Flex Foldable Displays Could Be More Than a Gimmick If Samsung Gets the Software Right

by Werner Goertz  |  November 7, 2018

Today, Samsung’s DJ Koh pre-announced the enabling display technology for a new device category with foldable and flexible screens. Rather than using glass as a surface it relies on a...

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Our "How to Operate and Evolve a SIEM Solution" Publishes

by Anton Chuvakin  |  November 7, 2018

We just published the second part of our SIEM guidance, “How to Operate and Evolve a SIEM Solution.” Our readers may recognize some of the content from our world-famous “Security...

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A Data Hub is not the same as a Data Lake or Data Warehouse

by Andrew White  |  November 7, 2018

Despite our best efforts we still receive lots of inquiries from organizations that confuse and conflate data hubs with data lakes and data warehouses.  In truth, the term "data hub"...

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Toolkit: Assess Your Product Management Organization to Scale for Digital Business Success

by Deacon Wan  |  November 7, 2018

Do you know how to develop your Product management organizations with different competencies?   We have developed a toolkit to help organizations understand their maturity in the five key pillars...

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Top Five Messaging Mistakes for Vendors of Innovative Digital Workplace Solutions

by Craig Roth  |  November 6, 2018

What is it about new ways of work that brings back old messaging mistakes? Product marketers learned long ago that you need to be specific about what you are actually...

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The Most Important Thing about B2B Personas-Common Ground

by Hank Barnes  |  November 6, 2018

The rush to personas continues in B2B.  But the value returned from that investment sure feels questionable. from a marketing perspective (user personas for product design and usability are incredibly...

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Magic Quadrant Mythbusters, Part Deux

by Rick Franzosa  |  November 5, 2018

Last November, I wrote about MES Magic Quadrant Mythbusters.  With the release of Gartner's second Magic Quadrant for Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) , let's see if the busting of these MQ myths still holds...

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