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Confidence is critical in sales compensation modeling

by Dave Egloff  |  December 18, 2018

'Tis the season for many joyous things.  Between holidays, PTO, great food and time with the family, it’s a remarkable time of year.  For sales compensation designers this is also...

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The Curse of Creeping Complexity

by Hank Barnes  |  December 18, 2018

As the end of the year draws near, it's a good time to take a step back and look at things going on around your business.    As a business...

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Data over Insight - Every Time

by Andrew White  |  December 18, 2018

There was an interesting opinion piece in today’s US print edition of the Wall Street Journal. It was titled, “Single Payer’s Misleading Statistics.” In it the author writes about the...

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Why do things the hard way?

by Frank Buytendijk  |  December 17, 2018

Each of Yuval Noah Harari’s books are bestsellers. They tackle big questions. “Sapiens” describes the history of humanity. “Sapiens” explores the long term future of mankind. And “21st lessons for...

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Our 2018 Update for "Endpoint Detection and Response Architecture and Operations Practices" Publishes

by Anton Chuvakin  |  December 14, 2018

Our main EDR document (“Endpoint Detection and Response Architecture and Operations Practices”) was just updated by Jon Amato, and it looks much better now. The abstract states “’Increasing complexity and...

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"Improve Your Contract Lifecycle Management Competence - It’s Not Rocket Science" by Nigel Montgomery

by Debbie Wilson  |  December 14, 2018

July (20th) 2019 will be the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing. I’m still young enough to remember being allowed to stay up to see Neil Armstrong’s first steps....

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On the First Day of Christmas My CDO Said To Me….

by Andrew White  |  December 14, 2018

  On the first day if Christmas my CDO said to me, a budget in and on time. On the second day of Christmas my CDO said to me, two data...

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Public Cloud Infrastructure Operations and Management Is a Shared Responsibility Model

by Rene Buest  |  December 14, 2018

Thousands of successful projects and customer cases show an ever-expanding maturity concerning the understanding of how public cloud infrastructure environments like the ones of hyperscale providers such as Amazon Web...

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Despite Sorrell's Second-Guessing, WPP's Read Makes the Right Moves

by Jay Wilson  |  December 14, 2018

Earlier this week, WPP Group CEO Mark Read announced a significant restructuring of the agency holding company to address what Read called a need for “a simpler WPP, [a] need...

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Calling All Chief Data Officers - We Need You (Annual Survey)!

by Andrew White  |  December 12, 2018

If you are a Chief Data Officer there is every chance you just received (in the last couple of weeks) an email from Gartner. This email was an invitation for...

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