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Is The Minimum Viable Product (MVP)—Truly Customer-Centric? 

by Leah Reidy  |  November 20, 2019

When companies are in the stages of new product development many adopt the practice of starting with the Minimum Viable Product (MVP)—essentially meaning that they design a product that includes...

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In order to succeed in the next decade, do companies need to have a purpose?

by Olive Huang  |  November 20, 2019

Back in 2013 I came to Dreamforce and wrote a blog "My Dreamforce as a Fish Market Theory". Then for the past six years I didn't come back to this...

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Five Questions CSOs Should Ask Before Approving Sales Compensation Plan Designs

by Dave Egloff  |  November 20, 2019

Each year, Chief Sales Officers (CSOs) must approve the sales compensation plans. During this approval, CSOs should ensure that their sales compensation plans: Align with the overall sales strategy Motivate...

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In-House Agency Marketers Learn Partnership

by Sally Witzky  |  November 20, 2019

Many brands have established in-house agencies and continue to produce more work in-house. In Gartner's 2019 Marketing Operational Survey, 63% of respondents shifted some work from external agencies to internal...

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Hello World!

by Clifton Gilley  |  November 20, 2019


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What We're Reading! A new, bi-weekly blog post (11/20/2019)

by Jitendra Subramanyam  |  November 20, 2019

What We're Reading! is a new, bi-weekly blog post highlighting our favorite articles about data and analytics from the past two weeks. We all come from different backgrounds and draw...

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Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) is Impeding AI Machine Learning Success

by Anthony Bradley  |  November 20, 2019

I was at a social gathering a few weeks ago and one of the guests approached me saying, “I understand you know something about artificial intelligence.“ And then he went...

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The inflation of change and turns

by Mark Mcdonald  |  November 20, 2019

We are trapped in a cycle of inflationary change.  Sure, change is a constant in modern business, but not all change is the same.  The failure to recognize these differences...

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Winning in the Turns with Competitive Intelligence

by Scot Kim  |  November 19, 2019

We have been hearing about it for quite sometime.  We are due for a recession and is your company ready for the downturn?  Do you have a playbook ready to...

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