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Our Updated "Applying Deception Technologies and Techniques to Improve Threat Detection and Response" (2019) Publishes

by Anton Chuvakin  |  February 22, 2019

Esteemed Mr Barros has beat me to it this time, but here is my re-re-announcement of our updated “Applying Deception Technologies and Techniques to Improve Threat Detection and Response” (2019)...

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"Can You Believe the Vendors DID THAT?" by Debbie Wilson

by Debbie Wilson  |  February 22, 2019

Its only February and I’ve already had multiple conversations this year with analysts on my team who are frustrated over something a vendor in their space did.  Vendors fail to...

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The Deception Paper Update is Out!

by Augusto Barros  |  February 22, 2019

Good thing about when Anton is away is I'm always able to jump and announce our new research ahead of him :-) So, the update to our "Applying Deception Technologies...

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Your Future Requires You to Define Your Real Master Data

by Andrew White  |  February 22, 2019

I was talking today to a real smart client.  They had two questions that begat one premise.  The premise was that their future, now, was getting more complicated: It was...

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Organizational Design Essentials: Part Six, Supportive Technologies

by Marc Brown  |  February 22, 2019

As I wrap up my organizational design series, it should be obvious that getting your org right, and finding your 'perfect' design is multidimensional. Org designs represent much more than...

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Three Lessons Learned from Leading an In-House Agency

by Jennifer Polk  |  February 21, 2019

The year was 2009 when  I took over a fledgling in-house agency. I recall being eager to turn my passion for social media into more effective social marketing. I envisioned,...

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Survey Shows Employers and Workers Have Drastically Different Views on AI's Impact on their Jobs

by Craig Roth  |  February 20, 2019

There are more AI surveys out there than you can shake a stick at, but most of them are of IT implementers or AI experts. Those offer valuable views of...

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The DEVOlution of Enterprise Technology Buying

by Hank Barnes  |  February 19, 2019

A few weeks back, Jon Reed, the master of the strikethrough of diginomica, referenced a Devo song "Through Being Cool" when sharing my post "Keeping Attention - Substance over Style"...

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Tech CEOs Must Selectively Use Intelligent Automation to Improve Operational Excellence of Their Infrastructure Operations

by Rene Buest  |  February 18, 2019

SMB technology and service providers serve an ever-growing client base with ongoing requirements for improvements in service delivery, quality and availability, while having the need to optimize all necessary operating...

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Why 2019 can be a pivotal year for Diversity & Inclusion

by John Kostoulas  |  February 18, 2019

The change has been easy to notice: in the last 6 months, the topic of Diversity and Inclusion comes way more often in my client interactions. Clients want to hear...

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