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This Company Does Not Exist

by Raj Bala  |  February 20, 2020

I happened upon a fraud this week, which I now think operates at larger scale. We needed to get new springs installed on our garage door so I did what...

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Inventing the future of Baseball - Architecting Athletes

by Marty Resnick  |  February 19, 2020

In honor of the publication of my latest note, Inventing the Future with Continous Foresight, and my love of baseball, I have decided to use this post to describe a...

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Could your Solution be THE Barrier to a Successful CX?

by Leah Leachman  |  February 19, 2020

Sometimes your company’s biggest problem is YOUR solution—the solution identified to solve a customer pain point. While it may be true that you’ve zeroed in on a critical customer paint...

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Have a story to tell? We've got advice for you.

by Ed Gabrys  |  February 19, 2020

We've recently published a ton of tips and tricks on storytelling and persuasion. Last week we held a webinar called Storytelling Techniques That Create Enthusiasm for Your Digital Journey. If you...

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The Next Digital Decade? Start with reviewing the prior digital decade

by Mark P. McDonald  |  February 19, 2020

In the five years since I was away from Gartner, the world changed in ways that make the next decade qualitatively different from the past 10 years. We are entering...

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Get in the Ring: Tech CEOs Do Not Fear Digital Dragons!

by Rene Buest  |  February 18, 2020

What do we love about our Tech CEO Research Circle members? They are tough and confident! Over half of tech CEOs who participated in our recent survey Digital Dragons see...

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The Evolution of MDM

by Malcolm Hawker  |  February 17, 2020

Hello and thank you for visiting my blog.  As a new analyst with Gartner, I’m excited to use this platform to solicit your input on all things related to MDM...

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FAQ - Critical Capabilities for MES - Déjà Vu all over again

by Rick Franzosa  |  February 17, 2020

Hi All, On the heels of today's release of the Critical Capabilities of Manufacturing Execution Systems, here's an updated version of last year's “FAQ – Critical Capabilities for MES”. On February...

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Make money with privacy by having privacy make money

by Bart Willemsen  |  February 17, 2020

If, like me, you worked in privacy about ten years ago, you've probably felt like that ghost rider on the freeway. Listening to the radio, knowing for sure you were...

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The coronavirus won’t infect semis, but it will make fewer people want them

by Bill Ray  |  February 17, 2020

The number of people with Covid-19, the current incarnation of the coronavirus, remains proportionally small. However, keeping it that way requires draconian controls over the movement of goods and people,...

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