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The Consumerization of Truth, Part II: Sandy Hook

by Tom Bittman  |  July 16, 2013  |  18 Comments

When I wrote The Consumerization of Truth, and Virtual Villages, little did I know that I was about to be thrust into the middle of wildly divergent worldviews. My blog post discussed how a connected world of people devolves into polarized and radicalized worldviews, as like-minded people confirm each other’s beliefs. Three days after my […]


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The Consumerization of Truth, and Virtual Villages

by Tom Bittman  |  December 11, 2012  |  7 Comments

How is it possible that we have wildly divergent worldviews in a society connected by email, the Internet, Google, and Facebook? It’s because of email, the Internet, Google, and Facebook. And more importantly, the people who use these tools, and the virtual villages we build. When Thomas Friedman argued that the world is flat – […]


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Guest Blog: A Student’s iPad Experience

by Tom Bittman  |  April 6, 2011  |  14 Comments

(This blog post was written by my teenaged son, Danny) I’ve been using the iPad in school since April 2010. Since I bought the iPad, I’ve probably gone through ten different note-taking apps, and four or five planners. So rather than dwell on each app and describe why I didn’t like them, I’ll just tell […]


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Going Laptopless

by Tom Bittman  |  April 5, 2011  |  2 Comments

I’m a knowledge worker. I’m in Copenhagen, on business. My laptop is in Connecticut. And I’m OK with that. Now let me preface this by saying as an analyst, I don’t cover client computing, or PCs or tablet computers. I’m writing this as Joe Knowledge Worker. Even so, I’m going to avoid using product brand […]


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Embracing the Blur

by Tom Bittman  |  February 9, 2011  |  4 Comments

We’re having an interesting discussion inside of Gartner (due credit to Neil MacDonald, Lydia Leong, Cameron Haight and David Cearley for the ideas in this post – I hope they post further on this). The concepts here aren’t new. For example, in 2004, I talked about “the walls coming down” between business, the data center […]


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21st Century Skills For Dummies

by Tom Bittman  |  January 30, 2009  |  7 Comments

21st century skills have been a hot topic in the world of education, and there is an overwhelming amount of 21st century skill information on the web. However, it’s not easy for every education professional to absorb what it means to them and their district. While many core skills haven’t changed, some are becoming more […]


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Dissecting a K-12 Technology Vision

by Tom Bittman  |  January 16, 2009  |  6 Comments

My committee has finalized a vision for our school district’s technology plan. This was an effort of about 15 people representing district staff, members of our Board of Education, teachers, students, parents, and a token technology industry analyst. I’d love feedback and comments. Let me also share some of the thinking behind the vision (some […]


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Cloud Computing and K-12 Education

by Tom Bittman  |  November 26, 2008  |  25 Comments

Recently, I started working on a committee developing a technology plan for our school district.This has been a huge eye-opener for me. The web, social software and cloud computing will definitely have an impact on enterprise IT – but the impact on our educational system will be astounding, and many in our educational system don’t […]


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