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Stephen White
Research Director
2 years at Gartner
14 years IT Industry

Stephen White is a Research Director in Gartner's IT Asset Management, Vendor Management and Procurement team, focusing on strategic licensing and negotiation strategies, asset management, and reseller engagement. Mr. White leverages his experience in software sales and consulting to assist IT leaders through his coverage of best practices in license life cycle strategy and trends, license metric and pricing practices, contract negotiations, optimizing terms and conditions, sourcing, and relationship management. Read Full Bio

Microsoft New Year Changes – What Impact Will the COO’s Departure Produce?

by Stephen White  |  July 11, 2016

End of financial year at Microsoft regularly triggers a series of announcements, movements and changes. The past week has seen a number, including one of the more significant of recent personnel shuffles given the departure of COO Kevin Turner. As Microsoft kick off their new year with the annual Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) today, it will […]

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Office 365 5th Birthday Milestone

by Stephen White  |  June 30, 2016

Microsoft has been in business now for over 40 years, with annual revenues of more than $90BN, clients across all sectors and a dominant, but declining, software market share of 13.3% Whilst Office 365’s birthday this week passed with an absence of PR and celebration, Office 365 remains at the forefront of Microsoft’s cloud first strategy and […]

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Microsoft Renewals – the Season for Finding Carrots in the Cloud

by Stephen White  |  June 7, 2016

Last week’s column drew attention to the need to evaluate timing before committing to a cloud subscription model and aligning timing of any commitment Currently many organizations are looking to finalize contract renewal decisions with Microsoft, in cases shifting their on premises models to the cloud, with most focus on Office 365. Any client doing so should […]

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Cloud Shift – Timing is almost everything

by Stephen White  |  May 30, 2016

Last week I had an all too familiar discussion, without a business case, completed testing or adoption plan an organization were already committing to transition a perpetual on-premises software licensing contract to a SaaS model. Making commitments to a cloud transition, or cloud shift, is of course a very normal business activity, but committing an organizations expenditure  to a subscription […]

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Software Resellers – A Client View

by Stephen White  |  May 9, 2016

Positioned at the intersection of clients and software publishers, software resellers can of course be tapped into for a variety of purposes. During client interactions it has become clear how varied client views on particular resellers are, plus a limited exposure to the evolution of the marketplace. That transformation is ongoing, like much of the broader IT marketplace, but […]

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Latitude and Longitude – locations matter when acquiring Office 365

by Stephen White  |  April 26, 2016

In alignment with many software publishers financial reporting currency and headquarters, experience shows us that a number of international organizations choose to acquire software licensing in US Dollars,. For over a decade this trend has played out with Microsoft contracts from various locations, where local pricing isn’t as favorable, utilizing operations located in the US so as to optimize costs. […]

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Microsoft SAM and Licensing Part 2 – How Will Change Impact Client Services

by Stephen White  |  April 20, 2016

Yesterday’s initial episode of this two part series raised some questions regarding Microsoft announcement that licensing and SAM competencies are being retired, today we delve into some potential impacts Licensing Sales, Advice and Guidance Will absence of volume licensing competency increase risk of sales without appropriate advice to address complexity? Whilst some cloud licensing models have […]

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Microsoft Calls Time on SAM and Licensing Competencies – Part 1

by Stephen White  |  April 19, 2016

IT leaders and their teams often rely on third parties to deliver services and provide guidance. Microsoft last week announced a change which impacts the route through which capable partners and individual specialists can be identified. Microsoft competencies have been in place as a mechanism for partners, resellers and consultancies to be certified as capable on […]

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Software Contract Negotiation – Spring Into Action!

by Stephen White  |  April 11, 2016

Whilst Spring has been slow to take hold in this part of the world (the UK is yet to see 20degC in 2016), for many IT professionals charged with procurement or license management things are hotting up as this time of year represents a critical period of action and progress. Ahead of a potential late summer hiatus the coming […]

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Are Enterprise Software Agreements a Critical Foundation for SaaS Adoption Success?

by Stephen White  |  March 7, 2016

  As application software publishers progressively transition their business models to SaaS subscriptions, conventional licensing programmes and contracts remain a key mechanism for clients to agree commercials and commitments beyond a single year. Rather than being put out to pasture EA, ELA, ETLA and their unlimited cousin the ULA live on and may be more important for clients than […]

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