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Robert Hetu
Research Director
6 years at Gartner
29 years IT Industry

Bob Hetu is a Research Director with the Gartner Retail Industry Services team. His responsibilities involve tracking the technology markets and trends impacting the broad-based retail merchandising and planning areas. Mr. Hetu is an expert in the areas of brand, vendor and assortment management, merchandise planning, allocation, and replenishment. Read Full Bio

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by Robert Hetu  |  November 7, 2016

Top 10 Forces Shaping the Retail and Consumer Goods Industries,  Consumer, market and technology forces are converging to create significant disruption for consumer driven manufacturers. Questions around growth potential, changes to the retail environment and economic stability in general place additional pressure on navigating these forces strategically and heightened importance on leveraging the right technologies […]

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Just Closing Retail Stores Is Not Enough

by Robert Hetu  |  November 4, 2016

As retailers struggle with sluggish like for like store sales many are axing unprofitable stores. This must be part of the strategy however reinvestment in the right things is critical for the future. Gartner analysts Joanne Joliet, Ed Porter and Mim Burt recently explored this in new research: Industry Vision: Less Physical Retail Selling Space and Greater […]

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Using Algorithmic Retailing to Drive Competitive Advantage

by Robert Hetu  |  September 21, 2016

New Gartner research explores how retailers gain competitive advantage through the application of algorithms that reduce costs and grow top-line revenue. CIOs can use this research to identify use cases that will improve business performance in the unified commerce retail marketplace. Gartner describes algorithmic business as the “enablement of business value through the action of […]

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Social Commerce a Winner for Some Multichannel Retailers

by Robert Hetu  |  September 20, 2016

Social media is one of five technologies comprising a digital business platform. Its influence on shopper behavior continues to evolve. While some multichannel retailers are learning to navigate the ever-changing social media landscape, our recent survey shows that when it comes to social commerce transactions, physical stores are losing ground to digital. Amazon is the […]

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Our Best Retail and CG Industry Agenda – Ever!

by Robert Hetu  |  September 7, 2016

Thinking of joining us for Gartner Symposium in Orlando? Don’t miss Industry Sunday when completing your agenda. Visionary leaders will find insightful advice and opportunities to interact with industry peers. Below is a recap of the retail and consumer goods sessions: Top 10 Forces Shaping the Retail and Consumer Goods Industries, Stephen E. Smith, Ed […]

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Gartner’s 2016 Magic Quadrant for Assortment Management Applications Published

by Robert Hetu  |  September 2, 2016

Adoption of RAMAs (retail assortment management applications) is growing as retail CIOs emphasize cloud, big data, advanced analytics and algorithmic approaches to improve retail performance. The hypercompetitive retail landscape has not slowed, and customers’ expectations of a unified retail experience continue to challenge multichannel retailers as they transform to digital business. Digital business transformation in […]

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Hype Cycle for Consumer Goods 2016

by Robert Hetu  |  July 15, 2016

Consumer goods manufacturers continue to favor technology investments facilitating competitive differentiation. CIOs and IT leaders can use this Hype Cycle to evaluate opportunities, educate their organizations, and guide their planning and investment decisions. In 2016, we are seeing investment decisions that are designed to grow sales, maximize margins or steal share in a small-growth environment. […]

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2016 Retail Research Recap

by Robert Hetu  |  July 12, 2016

Gartner’s research for the retail industry crosses all major key initiatives. Retail trends and technologies: Hype Cycle for Retail Technologies 2016 Forces not unlike wind, rain, thunder and lightning have engulfed retailers in a perfect storm. The retail storm exhibits the powerful forces of shifting lifestyles, social upheaval, political instability and a hypercompetitive marketplace driven by […]

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Hype Cycle for Retail Technologies 2016

by Robert Hetu  |  July 12, 2016

The 2016 Retail Hype Cycle contains technologies that should be considered by large retailers having many channels and operating in all segments and geographies. CIOs and business leaders of these retailers are confronted with a wide variety of technology options that can provide increased operational efficiency, improved customer experiences and increased digital business effectiveness. As […]

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Retail Industry Research Focuses on Digital Business Transformation

by Robert Hetu  |  June 29, 2016

CIOs must become trusted advisors to senior management in the digital business transformation journey. They must guide the business on how to deploy a modernized technology foundation to create new value streams for competitive advantage in a volatile, unpredictable and industry-blurring business environment. A major challenge to CIOs will be to prioritize and ramp up […]

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