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Has SaaS become the next Client/Server?

by Robert Desisto  |  June 23, 2014  |  2 Comments

I am not saying that  SaaS or cloud computing resembles client/server technically but as it relates to maturity, SaaS is not a big deal anymore. Just like client/server, SaaS has gotten to the point where you can find multiple vendors in almost every application category . The cloud is no longer the “great” differentiator vendors would […]


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Comparing On Premises and SaaS Total Cost of Ownership

by Robert Desisto  |  May 4, 2012  |  1 Comment

For the past few years the great debate is whether Software as a Service is less expensive to implement and maintain than on premises applications. My colleague, Fran Karamouzis, and I have created a total cost of ownership model to compare SaaS and on on premises delivery models. Our decision framework allows the user to […]

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SaaS Enters Consolidation Phase

by Robert Desisto  |  February 13, 2012  |  Comments Off

Jim Holincheck and I wrote a research note on the impact Oracle’s, SAP’s and’s recent SaaS acquisitions will have on client organizations. The ink is not even dry on the research note, and Oracle buys Taleo. As Jim and I say in the research, SaaS acquisitions will accelerate and client organizations need to protect […]

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Ten Ways to Avoid SaaS Delivery Problems

by Robert Desisto  |  February 10, 2012  |  1 Comment

Just published research on the Ten Ways to Avoid SaaS Delivery Problems and Protect Your Organization from making mistakes that can diminish the business value of SaaS investments. Key findings revealed in the research are: 1) 90% of SaaS business application managers do not model five-year total cost of ownership (TCO), putting them at risk […]

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Cloud Computing and SaaS Not For Everyone

by Robert Desisto  |  September 23, 2011  |  3 Comments

A client asked me how much of their application portfolio should be running in the Cloud using SaaS. The client wanted a benchmark of what other companies were doing of similar size and scope. I informed client that looking at a percentage is not a particularly useful formula. A more appropriate process is to analyze […]


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Four Steps to Get in Front of the SaaS Curve

by Robert Desisto  |  July 22, 2010  |  1 Comment

There are many types of cloud computing, and each is progressing at a different rate. Software as a service (SaaS) refers to applications delivered as cloud services, and is in many ways the most mature of the cloud types. It is important that companies get in front or quickly catch up to the SaaS adoption […]

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