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Robert Desisto is a Vice President and Distinguished Analyst in Gartner Research. He is responsible for managing the software as a service (SaaS) research agenda. His research focuses primarily on the use of SaaS as a delivery model for applications. Read Full Bio

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Has SaaS become the next Client/Server?

by Robert Desisto  |  June 23, 2014  |  2 Comments

I am not saying that  SaaS or cloud computing resembles client/server technically but as it relates to maturity, SaaS is not a big deal anymore. Just like client/server, SaaS has gotten to the point where you can find multiple vendors in almost every application category . The cloud is no longer the “great” differentiator vendors would like you to believe it is, because it has become pervasive everywhere. I am not saying there are not business or architectural vendor variations, some of which may have real implications but generally those differences are very difficult for a customer to understand and evaluate.  I even thought about not doing the SaaS Hype Cycle this year simply because it has gotten to the point where there are so many technology profiles that could qualify.

There are still some obvious cases such as large scale ERP deployments that are likely not good candidates for SaaS but generally speaking on premises only applications have become more the exception than the rule. This does not imply on premises is a dead delivery model. Issues such as data location, privacy, long-term TCO, and real-time integration performance all still lead many companies to on premises delivery. However, it is a fact that the shininess or glow of SaaS is fading as becomes more ubiquitous as an application delivery model.


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