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Richard Fouts

Former Research VP

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Are CMOs and CIOs the new Montagues and Capulets?

For the past few years, I’ve noted the value proposition of many tech providers increasingly includes things like: “Tech-enable your marketing project without IT involvement.” It’s tempting, and it’s worked well for marketers that are under pressure to do things fast (what else is new?) especially projects that only need data support (not applications). But…

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Cynthia Stoddard has been named NetApp’s CIO reporting to Ed Deenihan, EVP, Customer Advocacy.

This is a pretty clear message from NetApp …that IT’s constituents go beyond internal customers … to external customers, partners, employees, investors .. even other IT professionals.  Other companies might give this idea lip service of course, but when a CIO reports to a customer advocacy executive, it changes how IT is evaluated. The type…

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