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Email as Brand Advertising? You bet.

by Richard Fouts  |  April 29, 2014  |  Submit a Comment

I fit perfectly within Jaguar’s segmentation model for its new F-TYPE sports car. Hence, Jaguar marketers hope I’ll think of them when I venture out to buy a car in the F-TYPE category. Why?  Because they’ve shown their “our F-TYPE kicks BMW’s butt”  awareness ad with high frequency in markets that match its target audience [...]

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How to Tell Stories Buyers Will Remember

by Richard Fouts  |  April 9, 2014  |  Submit a Comment

By the time you read this blog post, over 12 million people will have viewed The Big Leap on YouTube. Lacoste’s ad illustrates what consumer marketers often do so well:  tell stories that tap into emotionally-filled memories.  Memory, after all, is the crux of brand awareness Often, you remember a brand because a marketer told [...]

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Before You Launch Content Marketing, Do This

by Richard Fouts  |  August 21, 2013  |  1 Comment

Remember the days when television networks signed off at midnight? That changed when TV executives decided to fill the air waves 24/7, from then on. But these same execs also realized they couldn’t just spew random content; to they adopted a programming cycle starting with morning news, weather and sports – moving to daytime, prime [...]

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Why Should Consumer Marketers Have All the Fun?

by Richard Fouts  |  August 9, 2013  |  3 Comments

Remember when AdAge asked its readers, “What viral ad made you cry?”  The response was fantastic. Consumer marketers don’t apologize for the emotional threads they run through their promotional fabric; their customers seem to love it; and consumer marketers have fun with it. But, while consumers LOL over Budweiser’s swear jar ad or sob over [...]


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Why CMOs Aren’t Very Good Salespeople (When it Comes to Selling Brand Awareness)

by Richard Fouts  |  June 11, 2013  |  Submit a Comment

When “awareness” is citied as the justification for a marketing investment, the room can get chilly. This is especially true in sales-driven, b2b circles.  Why the chill?  In the classic purchasing cycle (awareness, evaluation, buy, bond) awareness sits on the opposite side of what your CEO wants: revenue from new and existing customers – preferably [...]

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Location, Location, Location: Don’t Underestimate the Power of Local Search

by Richard Fouts  |  February 13, 2013  |  4 Comments

Have you ever used Google to find and book a restaurant reservation in another city; or a tour in the foreign country you’re about to visit? Ever buy a rare book from a Japanese bookseller?  Though the Internet has made the world smaller, Google reports that 75% of its search activity is from users looking [...]


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Why do you get out of bed every morning?

by Richard Fouts  |  February 7, 2013  |  1 Comment

Years ago, a man who loved music as much as anyone of his generation, began going deaf, just as he was becoming recognized as one of the world’s great composers. But he didn’t let his handicap interfere with his destiny. After losing over 90% of his  hearing, he went on to compose one of the [...]

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Why OnlineMediaDaily Got It Wrong When They Said: “Many Fortune 500 Companies Avoid Social Media

by Richard Fouts  |  August 31, 2012  |  Submit a Comment

In its piece earlier this month (that went all over Twitter) OnlineMediaDaily concludes that many Fortune 500 companies avoid social media as evidenced by their not listing FB and Twitter as a means of contact. This finding of course frames social media in very limited context. The bigger payoff in social media comes from the [...]

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…my chat with Lester Wunderman

by Richard Fouts  |  May 17, 2012  |  Submit a Comment

While in New York recently, I had the opportunity to wander by Lester Wunderman’s office (accompanied by CMO Trish Wheaton who generously made the introduction). At age 91, he’s sharp as a tack and ventures into the office everyday (saying, “what else would I do?”).  Well, I can think of plenty of things I’d do, [...]

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March Madness shows why new media is not a zero sum game

by Richard Fouts  |  April 4, 2012  |  Submit a Comment

Where marketers are mistaken, is looking at this new era of promotion as a old vs new media game.  Should I abandon print in favor of digital?  Should I abandon TV in favor of social networks?  Wrong questions… I address this in my note .. Management Guide to Digital Marketing 2.0. Where the new digital [...]

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