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Richard Fouts

Former Research VP

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Don’t Let the 4 C’s of Marketing Send You to the Back of the Bus

Richard Fouts | January 29, 2010

There’s a whole movement around replacing marketing’s 4 P’s with the more modern 4 C’s.  And if you check out Paul Duany’s blog, you’ll get a taste of the conversation and controversy.  By way of review, Dunay’s 4 C’s of…

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How to Use SMS in Sales Communications

Richard Fouts | January 07, 2010

One of our Account Executives, Amanda Duffy, asked me if SMS was the next voicemail. There’s no question voicemail has declined rapidly in recent years as we’ve shifted our messaging preferences to email, text messaging, and now Twitter, Facebook and…

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How to Manage a Customer Reference Program

Richard Fouts | January 05, 2010

The biggest challenge is convincing customers to be references. Customers naturally become concerned about the time required to be a reference (especially if you want them to be available for a telephone conversation with a prospect).  Hence, there are two…

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