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Richard Fouts

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Why Technology Marketers are Stilled Viewed as Campaign Managers (Hint: Look in the Mirror)

By Richard Fouts | June 26, 2009

About half the marketers I talk to in technology firms, manage just one of marketing’s 4 Ps.  Promotion.  About 25% of them manage promotion – with influence one of the other P’s such as product management or distribution (aka, Place).  The…

Your Customer’s Biggest Obstacle

By Richard Fouts | June 24, 2009

If you sell to buyers in IT departments you’ll want to look at Baseline’s story “What Business Managers Really Think of IT.” The report begins, “A survey of non-IT executives … shows that many business leaders believe IT investments create value,…

How One Company is Rising Above the Noise

By Richard Fouts | June 15, 2009

Every marketer wants to stand out, to be different, to have a unique value proposition … to rise above the market noise, to get out of the clutter .. to blah, blah, blah. But if you’re like most Americans you…

Why Social Media is Just Another Channel

By Richard Fouts | June 04, 2009

I know, I know; social media is transformational and a game changer, but seriously folks, it’s just another channel. Granted, social networks help you locate many prospects you may never have found with traditional techniques, but consider these two statements, both from…