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Richard Fouts

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Advertising-based business models on the decline, at least on the Web.

By Richard Fouts | May 28, 2009

Venture capitalists have invested $5.1 billion into 828 Web startups since 2004. The majority of these are startup revenue models are supporting by advertising. However, according to the National Venture Capital Association, look for the VC community to push back…

How are You Compensated?

By Richard Fouts | May 26, 2009

Ron Baker just wrote a new book, Pricing on Purpose where he cites a new provider billing model that replaces hours billed with results achieved. IT services has talked about this for years, and many firms like EDS and others in the…

CEOs Just Want to Have Fun … or Do They?

By Richard Fouts | May 20, 2009

I thought about Carly Fiorina versus Mark Hurd when reading David Brooks’ insight into CEOs today (New York Times, Op Ed from May 19, 2009).  According to Brooks, CEOs, at least the good ones, aren’t exactly the life of the party…

Social Media and the Marketing Plan

By Richard Fouts | May 14, 2009

I’m surveying technology marketers about how they view the role of social computing in the marketing plan. Here’s a few early observations: The impact of experience: Those new to adding social media to the marketing communications mix cite lead generation as…

How do You Build a New Brand?

By Richard Fouts | May 08, 2009

This blog is for people in technology marketing and sales. However, many of the things we discuss apply to marketers in any industry. For example: You’ve just spun off a piece of the company … that will now operate as…

The Death of Voicemail

By Richard Fouts | May 06, 2009

Bill Nussey, CEO of Silverpop blogged recently about a story in the New York Times … here’s the text of his post which says a lot about how communication is changing…and why brevity is the new black.   According to…