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Google Voice Speaks Another Language

by Phillip Redman  |  June 30, 2010  |  2 Comments

I signed up for Google Voice for my mobile phone about a month ago.  There are a few options including unifying numbers from several phones, but for now I chose to try the voicemail system.  In theory, my unanswered calls are forwarded to Google where they would transcribe the voicemail message, then send them to me via email and SMS and I could read them.  That is if they were in English!  The typical voicemail is transcribed to a garbled version of the message.  Here is a real example:

Hey Phil, It sounds like you’re doing well. I am at the event and our. I dunno if you look just takes here. So yeah, let me know if you’re close. Just so you know when you can come downstairs. The good innovator whether we’re on the 3rd floor signal see what up just getting off domain a level of we can square in the going up. I’d like to ask you laters. Yeah, I’ll talk to you with. Then take the OR Take the elevator up to. Thanks well today.

As you can see not too helpful.  And unfortunately they are all like this.  I haven’t seen one come in that was even close to accurate.  Now I know that voice recognition is very difficult in a mobile environment and that complex things like names or addresses can get garbled but so far this has been useless.  I hope to see it improve, but for now I’d have to tell you to use the pay systems that work much better.


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