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Enterprises Should Assess New VZW Plans For Unlimited Voice

by Phillip Redman  |  January 15, 2010  |  1 Comment

Verizon Wireless (VZW) announced new and simplified mobile voice and data plans to begin Monday, January 18, that offer lower prices on unlimited voice and some data plans. As VZW feels more pressure in the market on pricing, weakening subscriber growth has motivated them to re-evaluate their pricing for wireless voice and data services.

Unlimited voice which was priced at $99 now is listed at $70. Though many enterprises had negotiated lower than list rates, this lowers the floor and makes unlimited voice more reasonable. Companies that have users paying over $69.99 for any voice plan should move their users to this lower plan–VZW won’t automatically move you there. VZW also simplified down to three voice plans–450 minutes, 900 minutes and unlimited which could impact pooled users also. For mobile data, VZW is assigning data prices depending on the phone type. For what it classifies as 3G Smartphones ( Droid, Storm 2 Palm Pre) it will require a minimum data plan of $30 for unlimited data and  (which includes email) and what it classifies as 3G Multimedia Phones (Chocolate, Vogue) requires at least a $10 per month data service.

Enterprises should assess their usage of mobile data and potentially move to the metered plan if they regularly fall under 25 MB/month. It’s nice to see some simplification here, though there wasn’t mention of any changes to overage charges. With the growth of data in the enterprise, this should be an immediate positive impact on costs. This move also brings VZW more in line with competitive pricing.

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