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Data Center Conference Insight: Systems Intelligence

by Neil MacDonald  |  December 7, 2010  |  1 Comment

I attended a breakfast presentation this morning given by Schneider Electric on the topic of facilities and energy intelligence. Essentially, they are tearing down the monitoring silos of energy, fire, lighting, data center power, HVAC and physical security monitoring to deliver a unified dashboard for facilities and energy management.

As I listened to the presentation, I was struck by the parallels by the parallels between the presentation and our research on Enterprise Security Intelligence (and most recently in this research note for clients, on Application Security Intelligence).

What are some of the common elements?

  • Tearing down the silos of monitoring
  • Expanded use of sensors and collectors for more detailed monitoring
  • Detailed repository created from the monitoring information
  • The use of correlation of the information to generate actionable insight and prioritized actions for the administrator
  • The ability to model proactive “what if” scenarios against the models and historical data
  • The ability to look at patterns over time for insight (in their case for predictive failure analysis, in information security’s case to look for anomalies).

Interesting. These are almost exactly the same types of deliverables we expect from enterprise security intelligence.

Conclusion: I believe the need for “intelligence” is becoming ubiquitous across all aspects of business and IT … and in this case, facilities and energy and in our case, information security.

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