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Mike McGuire

Research VP
Mike McGuire specializes in mobile marketing, guiding digital marketers on how context, community, location and time - combined with a consumer's purchase history and purchase intent - are changing the relationship between consumers and brands.
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The Future’s Mobile and it’s Here for Kraft — But Take Care with that Tool

By Mike McGuire | September 17, 2012

 I was able to make it to the Mobile Marketer’s Mobile Marketing Summit in Manhattan on Thursday — the theme was gearing up for the Holidays — and came away with some interesting bits o’ information.  By the mid-point of the day, we’d…

Social Media and 2012 Presidential Election: Mobile’s Role?

By Mike McGuire | September 05, 2012

You and I, dear reader, know the power of social media — it’s everywhere.  Even the murky world of political campaigns knows the power of social,  as evidenced in recent press coverage coming out of the Republican and Democratic conventions convention…