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iMeem’s Sale to MySpace Music and TopSpin’s Marries “LP” bundle with Royalty free Remix Capability

by Mike McGuire  |  December 15, 2009  |  Comments Off

A couple of items crossed the mailbox today during that slow run-up to Xmas. My esteemed colleague Andrew Frank pointed me at this story which noted that with iMeem’s sale to MySpace, MySpace did not agree to also purchase the debts to artists who were owed money for sales conducted via iMeem’s SNOCAP-based storefronts would [...]

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Apple Buys Lala

by Mike McGuire  |  December 7, 2009  |  1 Comment

Apple confirmed on 4 December 2009 that it was purchasing Lala, developer of an online streaming music service that lets consumers sign-in and stream music on-demand with the ability to pay $.10/song to build online libraries of albums and playlists of songs. (Songs are also available to download for $.79 each.) This has all the [...]

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Music as a Service – The Latest Entry in the Subscription Race

by Mike McGuire  |  December 5, 2009  |  3 Comments

Can “music as a service” really work? While Rhapsody and Napster, and to a lesser degree Nokia’s Comes with Music offering, have built audiences, to be sure, in terms of revenue generated and user accounts, they’ve lived in the shadow of the Apple’s iTunes store. Now comes MOG, purveyors of an active music-blogging platform reaching [...]


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