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A Tale of Two CRMs

by Michael Maoz  |  December 18, 2013  |  Comments Off

When Dickens opened A Tale of Two Cities with “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times,” he could have been speaking about the massive opportunity and challenge of changing CRM strategies and technologies. The dissonant chorus of banshee from the Cloud-vendors cries out about the demise of on-premise software, while their maenad counterparts in marketing rave about the all-is-possible capabilities of SaaS anything. No matter that it is still traditional on-premise software running nearly 100% of all complex ERP, complex billing, complex order management, and retail customer service and support desktop – look aside at reality and rush into the SaaS-Breech.

When is the last time that you read about a business leader complaining about a failed SaaS-CRM implementation of any complexity? Can we submit that there are two possibilities, both of which should give one pause: either it is because there are so few complex SaaS-CRM software deployments (global, complex business rules, model-driven design, multiple backend system integration, real time feeds…) to point to, or a virtual gag-rule is stifling access to failures.

“Complex” is still the realm of on-premise, hosting, BPO, or private-Cloud.

Success is still less because of the architectural model or delivery model, and mostly about good process design, great consulting and integration services, a top-notch relationship between the business/end-users and IT, oversight and control from the top, with innovative ideas from the bottom, and design simplicity.

As we head out of 2013, if you are a company focused on processes to support retail customers with complex sales and service needs, look before you leap. The pressure to believe should not outweigh your instincts to rely on a fact-based set of decision criteria on how to move your CRM technology program forward.

Thank you for a tremendous 2013!!!!

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