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An Analyst’s Thanksgiving for the Continued Gift of Innovation.

by Michael Maoz  |  November 20, 2012  |  Comments Off

The United States is about to slide into the annual Thanksgiving mania that culminates in an orgy of commercialism on Black Friday, while parenthetically remembering the original reasons for the thanks. Some of us never forget, and often it is because of lives lived where the notion of tolerance and the integrity of cultural identify are not sacrosanct or to be taken for granted as they are on occasion in the United States.

The Pilgrims had William Bradford, and others have had their leaders, like Bafuor Osei Akoto or Harvey Milk or Václav Havel, Dennis Bank or Ho Chi Minh. There are all kinds of liberations. At the end of the day, the Dissenters from England who came to the “New World” were mostly afraid that what was unique about them would be lost as their self-exile in Holland continued.

Returning this past Friday from a week of client visits in the Middle East, it left me impressed by the deep yearning in the business world and among young entrepreneurs to leverage the new social media tools to improve the lives of others and to better understand data and provide transparency. Whether the startup is a Yotpo (https://www.yotpo.com/), or Tracx (http://www.tracx.com/)or a SumAll (https://sumall.com/), there is endless innovation. In fact, wherever there is a respect for ideas, and a premium rewarded to freedom of expression and commitment, greatness emerges.
We should not be afraid of giving the upstart startup a try. They may be your Squanto bringing you from the stuffy and oppressive status quo of your business into new innovative areas.

“See you” next week.

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