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Social Media is mostly self indulgent or negative. Now what?

by Michael Maoz  |  October 18, 2011  |  1 Comment

Have you ever looked at Tweets about customer service? Find much that is positive? If you did, go by a lottery ticket. And Tweets in general? They are mostly: Look at me! How clever, how connected. And what about posts inside of communities? “Communities” is an interesting concept, as is “Social” and “Collaborative,” since the level of active participation in most defies anything that the Pareto Principle ever dreamed of. The reality is far from 80% of posts in a community coming from 20% of participants. It is more like 80% of contributions come from 1% of the participants. Something like wealth distribution in the United States.

How do businesses work through the dense layers of negativity in the Tweets about them, and how do they foster broader participation in communities? One key lies in handing over some of the responsibility that Marketing now bears to Customer Service and Support, or to whoever is in charge of Customer Experience.

Companies are stuck right now, their bows sand-barred on the shoals of Social Media Monitoring and siloed “Social” initiatives. Just as businesses took 15 years to consider hiring a Director of Customer Experience who looks across the holistic picture of what happens to the customer during a marketing, sales and service interaction, it is time to bring on someone to lead a comprehensive view of the ‘social interactions. Do it now, because mobile channels, Facebook communities, Twitter groups, Fan Pages, and your own Web site are all bubbling away with customer chatter. It’s like when a Supernova blasted the ingredients of future life at earth out there now: chaotic but pregnant with possibility. Seize the opportunity and learn to re-think the way that the enterprise engages the customer.

Symposium is filled with presentations on this topic this week, so if you’ve made it down there, attend a session or two tomorrow! Check http://bit.ly/nAbDfw.

Weird coincidence, eh, that this morning I blogged about Big Data and an hour later Oracle announces it has bought Endeca Technologies?

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  • 1 CRMnext   October 31, 2011 at 4:28 am

    Hi Michael,
    It is difficult for a B2B company to effectively use social media since this involves organisation wide training and awareness of the advantages. The traditional approach of marketing and sales are so deep rooted that it becomes difficult to convince in investing time and money in social media initiatives, moreover, since the results come over a period of 3-6 months. For instance, creating an active user forum, blog or participating in industry related discussions gives results over a period of time and which are also not accurately measurable most of the times.

    Do you think the end users of a B2B product are savvy enough to care for what is being written or discussed about the product on social media and take buying decisions?