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Social CRM and Big Data during and after Gartner Symposium

by Michael Maoz  |  October 18, 2011  |  1 Comment

Gartner brought upon itself the wet Orlando weather when it began a research analyst Rain Dance in the form of Cloud Computing tracks and workshops. The rain may have been inevitable; we’ll never know.  The area of greatest interest to my clients is Big Data and its role in helping businesses understand customers better. Check out all of the talks here: http://bit.ly/nAbDfw.

Why Big Data? Maybe start with “What is Big Data?” Essentially, it is big when standard, stand alone relational databases are inadaquate to search, gather, analyze and operationalize data. That can happen because it is coming from multiple sources and in multiple forms: Facebook posts, Tweets, YouTube video, QR codes, phone logs, IVR feeds, customer and product data.

Even when you capture the data, it is still a long way from becoming “information.” Think about it: 01010100011011110110010001100001011110010010000001101001011100110010000001100001
Sure, any binary brain knows that means “Today is a beautiful day.” But I’d rather have it in five words – subject, predicate, object: thought and meaning. This is a big problem for almost all existing CRM systems, and beyond any Social CRM tool. There are software companies working on the problem, and trends in in-line memory and pattern based systems are all accelerating the creation of new forms of business process in sales, marketing and customer service.

The issues are as big as the data. Consider the case of making an offer during a sales or service engagement. Old school: make the pitch and maybe it will work. Big Data: Run sentiment analysis on the customer, match with ‘best agent.’ Run profitability analysis in real time, look at a statistical analysis of the customer’s psychographic profile. Cross reference with their “Social Graph” position for influence and clout. Determine offer. Yikes is that a lot of computing, and it needs to happen in real time.

So: if you are down in Orlando, whether one of the 1700+ CIOs or a line of business manager or BI guru, let’s talk about how you are going to respond to the opportunity of Big Data to Insightful Information for your customer initiatives.

Enjoy the show.

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  • 1 Aly   October 20, 2011 at 11:37 am

    Hi Michael – I work for a CRM supplier and consultancy here in Houston, and my colleagues and I were just talking about the insane amount of data that is part of today’s business world. CRM systems are meant to streamline processes and help businesses understand their data – this era of “big data” seems to thrown a wrench in that. It’ll be interesting to see how the technologies will develop to accommodate all the new information available to businesses today.

    Anyways, thanks for sharing! – Aly