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Tweet this! Defining the Social CRM Vendor Market.

by Michael Maoz  |  October 15, 2010  |  2 Comments

New on Gartner.com this morning is The Concise Social CRM Vendor Guide (if you are a client, you can download it: http://my.gartner.com/portal/server.pt?open=512&objID=256&mode=2&PageID=2350940&ref=GartnerRecommends&resId=1452313 )

For me one of the best outcomes was to get the entire team here covering “Social” for the disciplines of marketing, sales, eCommerce and Customer Service to hone the initial definition that we have been working with the past few months. Our latest revision is:

“Social CRM is a business strategy that mutually benefits cloud-based communities and the business by fostering engagement while generating opportunities for sales, marketing and customer service.”

The great part is that we had a good consensus in the team. Folks wanted the aspect of mutuality in there, and business benefit.  And we didn’t want to say just the website, but wanted it to be flexible enough to capture mobile devices and fan pages and the like. I like the result. Maybe you do, or don’t, but let us hear your opinion! Our goal is to reflect the real world, and this fits what we are seeing develop.

It’s not been easy breaking down the market, as there are not only 15 segments to the Social CRM market, but these also share traits with the External Social vendors that folks like Jeff Mann and Nikos Drakos of Gartner have done so much to define.  We have 108 vendors on our radar, and the mergers/acquisitions are coming fast and furious. The list we worked off of for the Social CRM Magic Quadrant (under the lead of Adam Sarner) just a few months ago contained 20% incorrect data – data that was correct in March 2010! This is Darwinian Evolution at high speed.

We are following up the release of the Guide with a series called the “Social CRM Health Check” covering various aspects of the discipline – and I’ll say more during or after Symposium.

In the meantime, I would love to hear of any Social-related software companies that you might know that you think we may not be following!


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