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Will Private Cloud Adoption Increase by 2015?

by Michael Warrilow  |  May 14, 2013  |  Comments Off

My latest research note is now available, titled Will Private Cloud Adoption Increase by 2015? (Gartner client access required).

Understandably (I hope!) I can only tell you so much, as we want you to access and read the entire article, but the premise is that x86 server virtualization will continue to be a key focus of data center activity and growth through at least 2015. No big surprises there. However, infrastructure vendors need to recognize that the journey to data center automation and private cloud is less certain.

One little teaser … David Coyle, my team manager, really like this line:

Most significantly, the adoption of private cloud should not be assumed to be a foregone conclusion resulting from high levels of virtualization.

The note draws upon primary research conducted in Brazil, China, India and USA involving over 500 respondents. Thanks to my colleague and co-author Matthew Cheung for his help in guiding that primary research.

PS – for those with client access to gartner.com, look out for a range of new usability enhancements coming your way. I have a sneak peak … and am loving it!

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