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A warm welcome to the Shibboleth Consortium!

by Mary Ruddy  |  May 20, 2013  |  Comments Off

Congratulations to the Shibboleth project on the launch of the Shibboleth Consortium .

The Shibboleth project is an open-source implementation of SAML that is widely used by research and educational institutions. It is great to see the official launch of the international Consortium, which will provide a mechanism for the Shibboleth community to make financial contributions to the Shibboleth project. The Consortium is intended to be a lightweight support function for the Shibboleth project. The creation of the Consortium will enable the Shibboleth project to focus on its technical work.

As the use of federation technology becomes more and more mainstream, it is important that there are a variety of options for acquiring and consuming federation technology. Open source is a key option. Another important option in some industries is an operating identity federation hub such as the InCommon Federation. The InCommon Federation operates an identity trust framework used by almost 6 million end-users in higher education institutions. Hundreds of educational and research institutions leverage the Shibboleth software as part of this federation.

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