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Martin Kihn

Research VP
Martin Kihn specializes in data-driven marketing and advertising technology, focusing on the use of data to improve marketing strategy, customer acquisition and retention. He helps digital marketing leaders develop actionable insights...
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Why Time Is More Precious Than Ever

By Martin Kihn | December 28, 2016

You don’t have time to read this post. I don’t have time to write it. Tick tock. There is no doubt that many people in our culture feel like they have less time. As CNN has reported: “People seem to…

The #1 Secret to a Successful Blog Post

By Martin Kihn | December 19, 2016

We here at Gartner for Marketing Leaders Data-Driven HQ recently ran a test. We started with an hypothesis, which we’ll share in a moment. The purpose of the test was to determine whether we’d stumbled on the secret to a…

A Marketer’s TL;DR on Bayes Theorem

By Martin Kihn | December 02, 2016

Here is Bayes Theorem itself, in neon: Last time, we dawdled on its greatness and made outrageous claims about Thomas Bayes, 18th century cleric, founding ad tech. Today, we move along. We need to explain what this Bayes Theorem is…

What Is This ‘Holy Grail’ of Marketing, Anyway?

By Martin Kihn | November 01, 2016

“You would think that the digital advertising industry has found religion given all the talk about the legendary ‘holy grail’ these days.” So said AdExchanger back in 2009, and seven years later things haven’t changed. We still talk like a…

The 18th Century Cleric Who Invented Ad Tech

By Martin Kihn | October 25, 2016

Brian O’Kelley had a problem. The 25 year-old Princeton grad was parked at a Silicon Alley startup called Right Media, run by two refugees from DoubleClick. This was when digital advertising was young, when people clicked on ads, when dot-coms…

Cross-Device Identity: A Data Scientist Speaks

By Martin Kihn | October 13, 2016

Trying to determine a person’s digital “identity” over time across devices is the mission of the moment. Every ad tech and mar tech platform, as well as data providers and aspirant start-ups, confuse prospects and customers alike with multi-syllabic descriptions…