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Wanted: Compelling Experiences (AKA: How Your Ecommerce Brand Can Compete & Co-Exis...

By Kirsten Newbold-Knipp | August 09, 2017

Not a week goes by without a conversation with a client trying to figure out how to play in the Amazon sandbox without cannibalizing their own revenue streams. It’s a reality. Today, to be where their prospects and customers are already…

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The Best Part of Your Pitch is What You Don’t Do

By Chris Ross | August 09, 2017

"We continue to expand our portfolio of services here at The Amalgamated, Intergalactic Consulting, and Design Agency. You need creative? We can make an old shoe go viral. Do you need to be data-driven? Our army of data scientists can tell…

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Attention Angel: Ad Tech Adventures of Jonah Goodhart

By Martin Kihn | August 09, 2017

When Oracle acquired Moat in April 2017 for a reported $850 million, it was seen as a shrewd addition to the coalescing Oracle Data Cloud and a rare streak of sun for the New York ad tech scene -- which had…

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Channel-specific Marketing Titles, Meet the Dodo

By Charles Golvin | August 03, 2017

(Use your own mental image of a Dodo; I prefer this one.) One of Gartner’s most-anticipated annual documents is our assembly of top predictions for the coming year; here is last year’s report (subscription required). At the risk of offering a…

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Dynamic Creative and the Automated Brand

By Martin Kihn | August 01, 2017

In May, the IAB released version 1.0 of its Dynamic Content Ad Standard – only seven short years after its first OpenRTB spec. That 84-month lag points to the relative status of dynamic creative and programmatic targeting. Pity the poor creative, ...

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AI for Marketing on the Hype Cycle: A Long Journey to the Plateau?

By Andrew Frank | July 21, 2017

Gartner’s 2017 Hype Cycle for Marketing and Advertising is out (subscription required) and, predictably, AI for Marketing has appeared as a new dot making a rapid ascent toward the Peak of Inflated Expectations. I say “rapid” but some may be surpr...