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Marketing Innovation and the Rules of Cool

By Ewan Mcintyre | May 22, 2017

In the interest of research, I did a quick (unscientific) scan of LinkedIn this morning – I searched for the words “innovation” and “marketing”, and was interested to note the quantity and variety of roles that came up. And there are…

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Accidental Ad Tech: The Voyage of Bill Wise

By Martin Kihn | May 16, 2017

Before he became CEO of Mediaocean, sold last year to Vista Partners for $720 million; before he ran Yahoo's global ad platform business and was president of Right Media and SVP at Ask and a VP at DoubleClick; and well before…

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Data Everywhere, But Not a Drop to Drink (Until Now)

By Christi Eubanks | May 12, 2017

For those who joined us this week at the Gartner Digital Marketing Conference in San Diego, thank you. You always bring it and exceed my expectations. For those experiencing serious FOMO, mark your calendars for next year. It’s like the Coachella…

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Congrats, you're a marketing leader. But what type of digital commerce leader are you?

By Jennifer Polk | May 09, 2017

Of course you’re a digital marketing leader, but are you a digital commerce leader? And which type of digital commerce leader are you? Studies show digital marketing leaders are taking on expanded responsibilities—from leading innovation to improv...

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Why Mar-Tech and Ad-Tech May Not Converge

By Martin Kihn | May 04, 2017

This week we're thinking about marketing technology as we prep for our third sensational Gartner Digital Marketing Conference in San Diego. Specifically, we're asking: What is marketing technology (aka mar-tech), exactly? And: Does it belong in th...

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The Perils of Algorithmic Marketing

By Martin Kihn | May 02, 2017

Inspired by results from retargeting, marketers are scrambling to stitch together customer data, unleash machine learning and deliver personalized experiences in display and video ads, websites, apps, watches and – soon – refrigerators. But in our...