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Is Social Marketing Still....Social?

By Jay Wilson | June 23, 2017

The other day, Elizabeth Shaw and I were talking social marketing with some agency folks who mentioned that they no longer create purely organic content and campaigns on behalf of clients.  Everything has to have paid support.  This approach makes...

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Whole Amazon: When Physical and Digital Commerce Converge (or Collide)

By Jennifer Polk | June 22, 2017

Last week, Amazon announced plans to acquire grocer, Whole Foods. At first glance this seems like a smart solution to the convergence of physical and digital commerce and a logical progression for the e-commerce giant that has been trying for year...

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Learn From the Rise and Fall of Uber's Customer Experience

By Augie Ray | June 21, 2017

For a private company, we sure know a lot about Uber. We know its meteoric rise to become the most valuable "unicorn" in the world. We know its well-publicized issues with corporate culture. We know Uber has a tremendous void in…

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5 Tips to Identify Trends and Technologies Faster

By Elizabeth Shaw | June 15, 2017

I recently sat down with Lyft's VP of Marketing, Melissa Waters, and she said, "we are living through a transition phase right now. It’s definitely a full-time need to keep up-to-date with the variety of technology needed to solve business problem...

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Human-centric media planning and the rise of the robots

By Ewan Mcintyre | June 09, 2017

The rise of the robot media planner. In a recent Digiday article, they asked the question “who needs media planners when a tireless robot named Albert can do the job?” The Albert in question being an AI platform that specializes in…

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Is Your Customer Experience Program Built to Fail?

By Augie Ray | June 05, 2017

My peers and I on the Gartner for Marketing Leaders team are planning a new primary research study to learn how marketers are approaching, measuring and executing their customer experience (CX) management programs. One of the challenges we have ha...