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30 Rock Finale shows that it is hard to end on a high note, perhaps it is better just to move on.

by Mark P. McDonald  |  February 4, 2013  |  Comments Off

Last week I missed the series finale of 30 Rock due to bad weather delaying my flight by a few hours.  Good thing for HULU.  After watching the episode it became clear – wrapping up anything of any size or duration is difficult.  I will not review the final episode, which lacked originality, but use […]

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McKinsey Report Highlights Failure of Large Projects: why it is better to be small, particularly in IT

by Mark P. McDonald  |  October 29, 2012  |  37 Comments

A recent set of studies published by McKinsey Quarterly provides further evidence that the bigger they are the harder they fall.  Given that the McKinsey Quarterly’s audience is predominantly business executives rather than IT professionals, it’s important that CIOs are aware of the findings and have a reasonable response. Large projects not only fail more […]


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We are addicted to change

by Mark P. McDonald  |  July 9, 2012  |  3 Comments

Change is a constant.  That apparent contradiction makes perfect sense and is the foundation for many business strategies.  But if everything can change and does change on a regular basis, then how does anything get done? Our acceptance of the need for constant change does not necessarily make us more adaptable, so much as it […]


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Social Organizations transform culture from a constraint to a capability

by Mark P. McDonald  |  February 23, 2012  |  3 Comments

Culture can be your organization’s greatest strength.  Too often it is the most powerful source of rigidity as cultural change takes time, disrupts operations and can be difficult.  This leads many to see culture as a constraint on strategy and a barrier to transformation.  Literally hundreds of books have been written about culture and the […]


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Pick up your heels — a new stance for IT

by Mark P. McDonald  |  October 14, 2011  |  Comments Off

Most likely you are reading this sitting down.  If you could indulge me for a few minutes I would like to illustrate the need for IT to change in a physical way. While you are sitting, put both feet down flat on the ground. Great Now pick your heels up off the ground. Notice any […]

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The difference between migration and transition

by Mark P. McDonald  |  August 29, 2011  |  9 Comments

We are all sometimes loose with terminology. Just consider terms like architecture, value, strategy and the like and its easy to see how the same words can have slightly different meanings. However beneath every word there is a meaning, a sense, an idea and its helpful to go back to the root of the word […]


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Three things required to re-imagine benefits realization

by Mark P. McDonald  |  June 23, 2011  |  2 Comments

Benefits realization is rapidly becoming the critical business process for CIOs and IT as organizations call the value of IT into question. Traditionally, benefits realization has been assumed to be the responsibility of the business.  IT built systems and the business deployed these systems to create business value.  That approach makes sense given the division […]


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What is the difference between remaking and re-imagining IT?

by Mark P. McDonald  |  April 11, 2011  |  6 Comments

CIOs see the need for change but it’s often difficult to describe the type of change required.  Without a clear description of the particular type of change, we too often fall back to defining change at the extremes. At the high end there is enterprise transformation where a firm tries to get itself off a […]


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The three C’s of effective change adoption and how you keep them in balance

by Mark P. McDonald  |  March 9, 2011  |  2 Comments

A while back I wrote a few posts about how the “Changing nature of change” and it discussed how traditional change management techniques were evolving in the face of new models and ideas about personal participation and responsibility.  Change used to be driven top down with the idea that if I lead enough, communicated enough […]


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Reflections on Gartner’s first CIO Leadership Forum in the Gulf Region

by Mark P. McDonald  |  March 5, 2011  |  1 Comment

I am flying back from Dubai as I write this post following Gartner’s first CIO Leadership Forum held in the Gulf Region last week.  It was a successful event by just about every measure: attendance, attention and engagement.  The Gulf Region is one of the most dynamic areas of the world and one that often […]

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