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McKinsey Report Highlights Failure of Large Projects: why it is better to be small, particularly in IT

by Mark P. McDonald  |  October 29, 2012  |  37 Comments

A recent set of studies published by McKinsey Quarterly provides further evidence that the bigger they are the harder they fall.  Given that the McKinsey Quarterly’s audience is predominantly business executives rather than IT professionals, it’s important that CIOs are aware of the findings and have a reasonable response. Large projects not only fail more […]


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The Geek Debt Crisis

by Mark P. McDonald  |  July 2, 2012  |  5 Comments

While Europe finance ministers deal with national debt crisis, CIO’s and CFO’s are ignoring their organizational geek debt crisis.  Measure your organization’s geek debt by the degree to which existing systems, operations, and capabilities limit future potential.  We often think and call our existing systems in more noble terms – legacy.  But in reality it […]


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Digitalization creates new dimensions for disruption

by Mark P. McDonald  |  April 9, 2012  |  15 Comments

Disruption is the interruption of normal work or practice according to Wikipedia.  In business disruption is the result of deliberate strategies and practices as companies seek to exploit differences and create competitive asymmetry where competitor strengths become comparative weaknesses. Clayton Christensen detailed the principles, strategies and drivers of disruption in a series of insightful books […]


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2012’s CIO Leadership Challenges — the focus of the forum

by Mark P. McDonald  |  March 30, 2012  |  1 Comment

Yesterday final CIO Leadership Session finished in Phoenix wrapping up sessions in Dubai and London. Each session concentrated on regional challenges from expanding growth in the gulf, to addressing macro economic realities in Europe and leading in times of transition in the Americas. Regardless of location, CIOs around the world face a new set of […]

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Find your human middleware

by Mark P. McDonald  |  March 2, 2012  |  11 Comments

Where is your human middleware?  Every organization has it, but few people see it for what it is – a sign of distortion.  I first heard the term ‘human middleware’ when I was talking with a group of CIOs and a CIO from an insurance company commented that there organization did not really transform until […]


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