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What if they were CIOs instead of Presidents?

by Mark P. McDonald  |  February 15, 2010  |  1 Comment

The President of the U.S. has one of the toughest jobs in the world.  They face complex issues, have to rally multiple constituencies and make decisions that change the course of history.  The President is the Chief Executive of the U.S. government holding the titles of head of state and head of government.

History judges Presidents and their performance, but on this President’s day I would like to ask – how would they do as a CIO?

It is a frivolous question, but that does not mean it could not be fun.

So pick a president and let us know in your comments to this post on how you think they would do as a CIO?

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  • 1 Andrew Meyer   February 15, 2010 at 3:56 pm

    Calvin Coolidge. He was the last American President to cut the budget. Other Presidents have talked about it, but all they’ve done is slow spending increases, and they’ve very rarely done that. What I want as a CIO is someone who is going to cut IT spending 20% this year, 20% next year and 20% the year after.

    Today’s CIO needs to figure out which programs really benefit the business and which ones the business will find a way to succeed without. It’s painful and programs will have to be ended and employees let go. That is how money is saved. A President who was strong enough cut budgets by 60% over three years was Calvin Coolidge. He would be my first choice as CIO.