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Activities vs. Results – the difference makes all the difference

by Mark P. McDonald  |  June 30, 2009

Managers face a constant challenge as they are asked to deliver results through working with others.  Conventional wisdom holds that managing others requires managing what people do – their activities – and the connection between what you do and the results you create.  This is not a challenge with small workgroups and enterprises as they […]

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What are the issues CIOs need to address form 2010 to 2015?

by Mark P. McDonald  |  June 28, 2009

The end of June marks the halfway point in the calendar year and a good time to start thinking about the issues CIOs and IT executives will need to address in the coming five years.  Each year Gartner Executive Programs conducts an annual CIO survey from September to December of each year.  Last year’s survey […]

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Nothing is broken but is everything all right? – Framing the context for the 2010 budget discussions

by Mark P. McDonald  |  June 25, 2009

It’s near the halfway point in Fiscal 2009 for many companies and its time to take stock of what is going on now and start planning the resources needed for 2010. It is also a critical time for CIOs, particularly those who have been urging their teams to ‘work harder’ or ‘do more with less.’  […]

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$73 is the floor for the IT budget

by Mark P. McDonald  |  June 23, 2009

Warning this may be controversial, but here is a contribution to the budget debate. How low can the IT budget go?  It’s a fair question and one that CFOs are certainly going to be asking as they prepare for 2010 budgeting.  Given that IT spending increases often lag economic activity, the initial scene for 2010 […]

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The context for 2010 planning will be challenging

by Mark P. McDonald  |  June 22, 2009

Personal Observation – like all of these entries Companies will start their 2010 strategy and planning sessions in the next six weeks, unless they have not already started.  Every planning process looks first at current operations and the competitive marketplace in an effort to forecast future operations, investments and resources.  That is the rub – […]

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Reusable Services — the bigger the better

by Mark P. McDonald  |  June 19, 2009

Sometimes taking the opposite approach is the best way to handle difficult problems.  This happened in the 18th century John Harrison developed a chronometer the size of a large pocket watch as a way to determine longitude in the 18th century.  In the 20th century, Lindberg crossed the Atlantic in a single engine single pilot […]

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“Technology over Tyranny” managing in a flat world

by Mark P. McDonald  |  June 17, 2009

Technology over tyranny” was the phase that Daniel Shore used in his commentary on National Public Radio’s All Things Considered today June 17th 2009. (link:   Shore’s commentary points to the use of technology as a means of overcoming political oppression – from radio and television broadcasts of the Cold War era to the internet based […]

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Asymmetric technologies can confound IT leaders and finances

by Mark P. McDonald  |  June 17, 2009

Commercially successful technologies such as Business Intelligence,  CRM, SCM, SOA and the like have a similar investment pattern.  Once the proof of concept is complete, gaining value at scale from the technology requires significant investments to acquire, install, customize and operate the technologies.  There is symmetry in this logic, the larger the investment required – […]

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Is your company an enterprise? The answer matters

by Mark P. McDonald  |  June 15, 2009

People talk about the ‘enterprise’ all the time, particularly in IT.  There are enterprise solutions, enterprise architecture, enterprise portals, enterprise security, etc.  In this context the term enterprise is more often meant to mean all encompassing, across business units or geographies, the whole of our business operations. Just because we say something is enterprise level […]

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As technology integrates all kinds of things become possible (i.e. Personal Mobile Phone Tax)

by Mark P. McDonald  |  June 12, 2009

An article in the Wall Street Journal on June 12, 2009 discusses the IRS’s plans to enforce a rule that would treat personal calls made on a company funded cell phone as taxable income.  Link:   The irony of this announcement particularly in an world where employees are asked to be available near 24×7 allowing […]

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