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Bimodal IT, VMworld, and the future of VMware

by Lydia Leong  |  August 25, 2014  |  6 Comments

In Gartner’s 2014 research for CIOs, we’ve increasingly been talking about “bimodal IT”. Bimodal IT is the idea that organizations need two speeds of IT — call them traditional IT and agile IT (Gartner just calls them mode-1 and mode-2). Traditional IT is focused on “doing IT right”, with a strong emphasis on efficiency and […]


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Verizon Cloud is technically innovative, but is it enough?

by Lydia Leong  |  October 4, 2013  |  5 Comments

Verizon Terremark has announced the launch of its new Verizon Cloud service built using its own technology stack. Verizon already owns a cloud IaaS offering — in fact, it owns several. Terremark was an early AWS competitor with the Terremark Enterprise Cloud, a VMware-based offering that got strong enterprise traction during the early years of […]


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No world of two clouds

by Lydia Leong  |  September 6, 2013  |  3 Comments

Massimo Re Ferre’ recently posted some thoughts as a follow-up to his talk at VMworld, about vCHS vs. AWS. That led to a Twitter exchange that made me think that I should highlight a viewpoint of mine: I do not believe in a “world of two clouds”, where there are cloud IaaS offerings that are […]


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VMware joins the cloud wars with vCloud Hybrid Service

by Lydia Leong  |  May 21, 2013  |  4 Comments

Although this has been long-rumored, and then was formally mentioned in VMware’s recent investor day, VMware has only just formally announced the vCloud Hybrid Service (vCHS), which is VMware’s foray into the public cloud IaaS market. VMware has previously had a strategy of being an arms dealer to service providers who wanted to offer cloud […]


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Ecosystems in conflict – Amazon vs. VMware, and OpenStack

by Lydia Leong  |  April 6, 2012  |  16 Comments

Citrix contributing CloudStack to the Apache Software Foundation isn’t so much a shot at OpenStack (it just happens to get caught in the crossfire), as it’s a shot against VMware. There are two primary ecosystems developing in the world: VMware and Amazon. Other possibilities, like Microsoft and OpenStack, are completely secondary to those two. You […]


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Common service provider myths about cloud infrastructure

by Lydia Leong  |  November 9, 2011  |  Comments Off

We’re currently in the midst of agenda planning for 2012, which is a fancy way to say that we’re trying to figure out what we’re going to write next year. Probably to the despair of my managers, I am almost totally a spontaneous writer, who sits down on a plane and happens to write a […]

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VMware vCloud Global Connect and commoditization

by Lydia Leong  |  August 29, 2011  |  2 Comments

At VMworld, VMware has announced vCloud Global Connect, a federation between vCloud Datacenter Provider partners. My colleague Kyle Hilgendorf has written a good analysis, but I wanted to offer a few thoughts on this as well. The initial partners for the announcement are Bluelock (US, based in Indianapolis), SingTel (Singapore), and SoftBank Telecom (Japan). Notably, […]


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Citrix buys

by Lydia Leong  |  August 11, 2011  |  1 Comment

(This is part of a series of “catch-up” posts of announcements that I’ve wanted to comment on but didn’t previously find time to blog about.) Recently, Citrix acquired The purchase price was reported to be in the $200m+ vicinity — around 100x revenues. (Even in this current run of outsized valuations, that’s a rather […]

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Is early consolidation bad for cloud innovation?

by Lydia Leong  |  February 8, 2011  |  1 Comment

So, we’ve just seen Verizon buy Terremark and Time Warner Cable buy NaviSite. All contemplation of the deals themselves aside, is consolidation at this stage of the market good for the progress of the cloud IaaS market? I’m inclined to think not. We are still pretty early in the cloud IaaS market. While most service […]

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The (temporary?) transformation of hosters

by Lydia Leong  |  March 18, 2010  |  Comments Off

Classically, hosting companies have been integrators of technology, not developers of technology. Yet the cloud world is increasingly pushing hosting companies into being software developers — companies who create competitive advantage in significant part by creating software which is used to deliver capabilities to customers. I’ve heard the cloud IaaS business compared to the colocation […]

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