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OnLive game streaming

by Lydia Leong  |  March 26, 2009  |  Comments Off

OnLive debuted its gaming service at the Game Developers Conference in what was apparently a pretty impressive demonstration, to judge from the press and blogosphere buzz. Basically, OnLive will be running games on its server infrastructure, and then streams them live to users over the Internet, thus allowing users to play titles for multiple consoles, […]

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The broadband-caps disaster

by Lydia Leong  |  November 9, 2008  |  2 Comments

The United States has now elected a President who has pledged universal broadband. On almost the same day, AT&T announced it would be following some of its fellow network operators into trialing metered broadband. Broadband caps have been much more common in Europe, but the trend there is away from caps, not towards them. Caps […]


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