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Some clarifications on HP’s SLA

by Lydia Leong  |  December 7, 2012  |  6 Comments

I corresponded with some members of the HP cloud team in email, and then colleagues and I spoke with HP on the phone, after my last blog post called, “Cloud IaaS SLAs can be Meaningless“. HP provided some useful clarifications, which I’ll detail below, but I haven’t changed my fundamental opinion, although arguably the nuances […]


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The forthcoming Managed Hosting Magic Quadrant, 2013

by Lydia Leong  |  December 7, 2012  |  Comments Off

Gartner will soon be starting the process of updating our Magic Quadrant for Managed Hosting, currently targeted for publication in Q1 of 2013. This is the update to the Magic Quadrant for Managed Hosting that was published in March 2012 of this year; a free reprint is available. If you consider yourself to be an […]

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Cloud IaaS SLAs can be meaningless

by Lydia Leong  |  December 5, 2012  |  7 Comments

In infrastructure services, the purpose of an SLA (or, for that matter, the liability clause in the contract) is not “give the customer back money to compensate for the customer’s losses that resulted from this downtime”. Rather, the monetary guarantees involved are an expression of shared risk. They represent a vote of confidence — how […]


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