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Let’s Meet in Cannes!

by Kristin Moyer  |  October 15, 2009  |  4 Comments

From Peter Redshaw> Within the Banking and Investment Services team, we continue to receive a wide range of enquiries from our financial services clients. What is clear from these ongoing interactions with clients is that time is of the essence – time to plan and form strategies is in short supply, and clients are increasingly […]


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Nervous at NASSCOM

by Kristin Moyer  |  March 4, 2009  |  Comments Off

Peter Redshaw here: Having just got back from a hectic time at NASSCOM in Mumbai, there were two questions that seemed top of mind for all the worried outsourcing providers there: How long and how deep is this recession going to be? Will there be a “flight to quality” in the wake of the Satyam […]

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In Light of Satyam, Analyst Picks on BPO in Financial Services

by Kristin Moyer  |  January 12, 2009  |  Comments Off

Peter Redshaw and Kristin Moyer here.  On Friday, we wrote about what the Satyam situation means for financial services institutions.  We strongly advised that financial services firms include systemic and geo-political risks, such as the risk of war or patent infringement, into outsourcing practices, pricing and governance.  For those banking & investment services firms that […]

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What Satyam Means for Financial Services Institutions and Insurers

by Kristin Moyer  |  January 9, 2009  |  Comments Off

Peter Redshaw, Kimberly Harris-Ferrante, Alistair Newton, David Furlonger, Vinny Oliva and Kristin Moyer here today. The recent accounting scandal at Satyam has been extensively reported on and analyzed by Gartner – see Prepare for Aftereffects of Satyam Accounting Scandal (and other research on this issue that will be published shortly).  This report and others contain […]

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