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Julie Hopkins

Managing VP
Julie Hopkins analyzes digital marketing strategy, trends and practices. She studies social marketing, multichannel marketing, email marketing, customer experience and emerging digital marketing trends. She helps clients use these...
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My Multichannel Campaign Management MQ Hat Trick: Learnings from My Third One on the Books

By Julie Hopkins | May 06, 2016

A little over two weeks ago, our team published the Multichannel Campaign Management Magic Quadrant, turning our eyes once again to the providers of technology designed to coordinate and orchestrate marketing communications and engagement with individuals and customer segments across…

Finding Insight Outside the Bubble

By Julie Hopkins | January 22, 2016

I remember an early digital competitive review I did for my old agency. The client was a personal care brand. The only real digital assets to review for most of the competitors in the category were emails and their respective brand…

Is Social Marketing the New Multichannel Marketing Power Center?

By Julie Hopkins | May 22, 2015

I have two coverage areas at Gartner. Multichannel marketing and social marketing. They’re both digital, and they certainly overlap. But taking each agenda out for a spin feels different. One feels responsible. Respectable. Multichannel marketing is the Ford F-150 of…

Y’all Come! (to San Diego)

By Julie Hopkins | April 02, 2015

You ever sit there and wonder how or when certain “files” in your brain were created? On one hand, I know exactly why the words of the “Diff’rent Strokes” theme song are permanently etched in my brain.  With afternoons spent indulging…

The Hard Work of Getting Better Insights from Social and Mobile Investments: Why You Need to Do it Now

By Julie Hopkins | March 24, 2015

Ask anyone on the Gartner for Marketing Leaders team, and they’ll tell you the last few weeks have been a production blitz. We’re all putting finishing touches on our conference presentations (May 7-9, San Diego… more on that later this…

Multichannel Marketers, the Doctor is In

By Julie Hopkins | February 27, 2015

The job of an analyst is multidimensional. There are days when you’re called in based on your knowledge of a product, or a category. There are days when you’re called in based on your knowledge of a set of techniques…