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Cool Vendors in Unified Communications – Monitoring Angle

by Jonah Kowall  |  April 13, 2014  |  3 Comments

This year I was privileged to include one of the cool vendors in unified communications research this year. Written with my colleagues Jay Lassman, Bern Elliot, Steve Blood, and Sorell Slaymaker. Who cover unified communications technologies, the fun part about my coverage is everything needs to be monitored, so I was able to contribute to [...]


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Use Performance Monitoring to Improve Microsoft Lync Quality

by Jonah Kowall  |  March 18, 2014  |  Submit a Comment

Bern Elliot and I published a research note focused on Lync availability and performance monitoring. The growth and popularity of this unified communications technology has been swift. Upon hearing a constant voice on client inquiry, clients are often dealing with expanding scope and prominence of Lync within their enterprises. This prompted us to address client [...]

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New Magic Quadrant : Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics

by Jonah Kowall  |  March 9, 2014  |  9 Comments

After a very long process going back over a year as we began to formulate this new market segment and research around the network performance space. Colin Fletcher, Vivek Bhalla, and myself have published two notes around this new market, leading up to this  Magic Quadrant. This is the first release of the research, we felt [...]


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The Three Topologies in Applications and Infrastructure

by Jonah Kowall  |  March 9, 2014  |  7 Comments

We recently published some new research explaining how various topologies are used among different parts of IT organizations. Separate tooling and use cases provide this visibility today. Here are summaries of these three viewpoints: Application Performance Monitoring (APM) tooling allows for the view from within the application since these tools reside within the application itself. [...]


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Application Monitoring is not Application Performance Monitoring (APM)

by Jonah Kowall  |  February 14, 2014  |  12 Comments

There is a common issue I deal with when speaking to end users trying to monitor applications. This confusion is partially created by vendors who would like to position themselves in the hot APM market, yet they clearly don’t enable performance monitoring. These vendors are slowly starting to correct the messaging, but many have poor [...]


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Updated Research: Rating the larger IT Operations Management Vendors

by Jonah Kowall  |  January 20, 2014  |  1 Comment

Yearly Ronni Colville has been publishing a great note on the ratings and state of the broader ITOM market. As of late 2012 we introduced a sub-slice of her research focused on availability and performance specifically, which often consist of a large number of integrated or partially integrated tools. As many of you are aware [...]

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The Challenges of Monitoring Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop

by Jonah Kowall  |  January 20, 2014  |  1 Comment

This nostalgic note was my first published when I started at Gartner nearly 3 years ago. Vivek Bhalla has taken over as the lead of this research, updating and spending more time on this research. Vivek and I see quite a number of calls on Citrix specifically, so this research is still relevant, and needed [...]

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Preparing for Gartner Data Center Next Week

by Jonah Kowall  |  December 6, 2013  |  1 Comment

I wanted to post a little something as we get ready to kickoff our 32nd annual data center conference. I will of course be there, speaking about such topics as Unified Monitoring and APM. I will also be discussing other availability and performance technologies. We’ve seen a lot of growing interest in analytics, and the [...]

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The underserved Network Monitoring space, a new Magic Quadrant announced

by Jonah Kowall  |  August 1, 2013  |  6 Comments

We have just announced something which has been in the works for a good portion of this year, we are adding another magic quadrant in the area of Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics (NPMD). This research item is being led by myself with close support of my colleagues Vivek Bhalla and Colin Fletcher. This is [...]


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Making sense of the Availability and Performance Monitoring offerings and vendors

by Jonah Kowall  |  August 1, 2013  |  1 Comment

Commonly in a market where there is a commodity (such as availability monitoring) and a hot emerging set of technologies (typically in performance monitoring) the vendors who sell commodity solutions will say they are offering product in the emerging markets where the spend tends to be. This is something which causes confusion in buyers, and [...]

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