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Monitoring Technology Pick: Week of April 7th – Elasticsearch

by Jonah Kowall  |  April 13, 2014  |  4 Comments

Continuing the blogs topics from last week we are profiling yet another log search and index technology which has begun to emerge as yet another alternative for this necessary technology when troubleshooting today’s complex environments. As the vendor we profiles last week, which utilizes several open source technologies and brings a unique user interface and [...]


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Application Monitoring is not Application Performance Monitoring (APM)

by Jonah Kowall  |  February 14, 2014  |  12 Comments

There is a common issue I deal with when speaking to end users trying to monitor applications. This confusion is partially created by vendors who would like to position themselves in the hot APM market, yet they clearly don’t enable performance monitoring. These vendors are slowly starting to correct the messaging, but many have poor [...]


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Web-Scale Monitoring and the Importance of APM

by Jonah Kowall  |  December 27, 2013  |  4 Comments

Cameron Haight (@cameron_haight‎) and myself recently published research on how monitoring is applied to web-scale environments. Companies such as Amazon, Google, and Facebook run their environments using different fundamentals than typical enterprise IT organizations. This includes changes in infrastructure, management software, and the applications running on the infrastructure (among many other things including people and [...]


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Preparing for Gartner Data Center Next Week

by Jonah Kowall  |  December 6, 2013  |  1 Comment

I wanted to post a little something as we get ready to kickoff our 32nd annual data center conference. I will of course be there, speaking about such topics as Unified Monitoring and APM. I will also be discussing other availability and performance technologies. We’ve seen a lot of growing interest in analytics, and the [...]

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Unified Monitoring – Note / Presentation and Client Interest

by Jonah Kowall  |  November 12, 2013  |  1 Comment

Colin Fletcher and myself have been seeing the trend of simplification across the monitoring estate. Investments in complex suites of tools have yielded higher operational costs and complexity in management of the tools themselves. Alternate approaches exist when looking at unified monitoring. A new approach that enables the unified monitoring of the infrastructure inclusive of [...]

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Splunk .conf 2013 – User Conference Wrap-up

by Jonah Kowall  |  October 7, 2013  |  2 Comments

Prior to Gartner, I was part of several start-ups, of which a couple were acquired. As a result I have worked in very large environments. I’ve always had a focus on infrastructure and applications, and enjoyed both security and troubleshooting aspects. It was always my goal to learn as much as possible and diversify my [...]


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Event Summary : Gartner IT Operations Management Summit Europe (SDN,APM,NPM)

by Jonah Kowall  |  June 15, 2013  |  Submit a Comment

Sorry for the delay in my last post, I assure you I will have much to say over the next few weeks, more on that later. I was fortunate to attend and speak at the Gartner IT Operations Management (IOM) summit in Berlin, Germany. The event was wonderfully coordinated and saw about 30-40% growth in [...]

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Low Cost and Free Monitoring

by Jonah Kowall  |  October 3, 2012  |  10 Comments

With some of the research I completed towards the end of last year, I take a pretty consistent set of requests on the evaluation and use of open source monitoring. If you are following some of the fun conversations on “monitoring sucks” you will notice that not only do most traditional monitoring systems fail to [...]


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APM Innovators Research

by Jonah Kowall  |  December 23, 2011  |  3 Comments

Before I sign off for a few days of vacation Will Cappelli and I did manage to get an interesting research note published, which we have been working on for the last month or longer. This note outlines several vendors or “innovators” which were not in the APM Magic Quadrant this year for not meeting [...]


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New research on SaaS Monitoring technologies

by Jonah Kowall  |  December 13, 2011  |  Submit a Comment

Will Cappelli and I have published a series of notes which should be of interest to anyone buying monitoring technologies. We are all keeping an eye on the major uptick we are seeing in those that are interested in various monitoring technologies which are hosted externally. We call these solutions Monitoring as a service (MaaS), [...]

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