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Monitoring Technology Pick Of The Week : Xpolog

by Jonah Kowall  |  June 4, 2014  |  3 Comments

Thanks for those who came out to the Gartner IOM conference in Berlin which wrapped up yesterday. Interesting things happening and discussions with clients and attendees. We have the US version of this conference next week in Orlando and I will be there!

Posting this from lovely Budapest.

Keeping on the theme of log analytics, which comes up a lot in conversations related to both unified monitoring (infrastructure availability), and APM we are seeing this technology as particularly applicable across monitoring disciplines and silos within organizations.

There is yet another company we haven’t highlighted which has been flying under the radar since being founded in Israel in 2003 and has been building index and search technology which differentiates itself by doing deeper automated analysis of the data before the user is involved in querying the data.

The software discovers patterns and problems within the log data and is more proactive than other log analytics tools used by IT Operations. Data is searched by the user, and additional layers are placed on top of the data providing context. There are no rules needed to enable these features. The product has its own indexing and storage system, but also can support Hadoop data stores as well.

Version 5.0 was recently launched which improves upon the user interface slightly and also adds in native support of logstash (you can read my other posts on the ELK stack).


Once additional data is found you can add that insight to the query:


In the Screenshot below you can see some of the unique ways data is layered within the visualization timeline.


The product could use a more modern and usable user interface, easier implementation of collection agents and technologies to help get data into the system. These basic functions would help exploit a very impressive analytics engine.

The company has not had particularly good visibility due to being a self-funded technology focused company, they have not invested in marketing or sales efforts to date. This doesn’t mean they haven’t done well, they have some large installs of the technology which are impressive. This has resulted in less growth than competitors have had, but they are looking to change that.


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