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Jonah Kowall is a research Vice President in Gartner's IT Operations Research group. He focuses on application performance monitoring (APM), event correlation and analysis (ECA), network management systems (NMS), network performance management (NPM), network configuration and change management (NCCM), and general system and infrastructure monitoring technologies. Read Full Bio

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Preparing for Gartner Data Center Next Week

by Jonah Kowall  |  December 6, 2013  |  1 Comment

I wanted to post a little something as we get ready to kickoff our 32nd annual data center conference. I will of course be there, speaking about such topics as Unified Monitoring and APM. I will also be discussing other availability and performance technologies. We’ve seen a lot of growing interest in analytics, and the Network Packet Brokering (NPBs) products so we’ll also be discussing those within our one on one sessions and analyst user round tables.

One big thing we have added for 2013 is the new track on web-scale led by the infrastructure and operations chief of research Cameron Haight. The goal of this track is to provide insight to enterprises and those with traditional infrastructures as to how the likes of Google, Amazon, Netflix, and Facebook actually build and operate infrastructure. I will be presenting on the use of APM and monitoring in these environments, and shedding some light on how those can be translated and applied. There is a heavy amount of open source technologies and code which needs to be written and managed in order to accomplish this. This will have a major impact on the industry as it stands today, and differentiate those who grow and become the next leaders in terms of technologies, and those who cannot keep pace with the demands of rapid innovation.

I look forward to posting the event wrapup in the next few weeks, along with some news about research related to web-scale, APM, and our upcoming Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics (NPMD) Magic Quadrant.


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  • 1 Carrie Kelly   December 12, 2013 at 6:42 pm

    We are very much looking forward to seeing some highlights of this presentation!

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