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Spring Cleaning: Throw Out those Dangerous APIs and Function Calls

by John Pescatore  |  May 15, 2009  |  Submit a Comment

After a few rainy weeks here in the Washington DC area, everything that should be green is and everything that should have flowered did – spring has sprung.  Time for some spring cleaning and a trip to the dump (or the Suburban Solid Waste Transfer Station as it likes to call itself) to get rid of a lot of the junk that accumulated in the garage and the basement before someone trips over it and hurts themselves.

Nice spring cleaning piece yesterday in Microsoft’s Secure Development Lifecycle blog, adding memcpy() to the list of banned APIs, and providing a nice pointer to the header file listing all the banned functions. So, see if you can get your business apps or app dev group to gather all those up and take a trip to the Software Toxic Waste Transfer Station to get rid of them before someone hurts themselves.

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