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Social Media Metrics: 101

by Jenny Sussin  |  October 7, 2014  |  Comments Off

A wise woman once told me never to mistake activity for achievement and while I heard her, I never really understood her before I came to work for Gartner.   At Gartner, I have the opportunity to observe from afar, or in other cases from a bit too close, and recognize what is going right […]

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A Christmas Tale of Social Media App Acquisition

by Jenny Sussin  |  December 18, 2013  |  Comments Off

Almost 18 months back, I wrote a blog post on the pac-manning of the social application market. The big vendors were gobbling up the small vendors and trying to outsmart their competitors. Yadda, yadda, yadda, it hasn’t stopped.¬†And so while the mega vendors cobble together their social offerings and the entrepreneurs stay on as GMs […]

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Your Video Got 100,000 Views? Mine Closed a $3 Millon Deal.

by Jenny Sussin  |  June 25, 2013  |  1 Comment

Every marketer makes the mistake of equating activity to value at some point in their career. You know what, it’s not just marketers: it’s everyone. “You left at 5:30? I work until 10 pm every night.” The bottom line for the 10 pm people: if I can get similar or better quality work done by […]

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The Social Media “Bro” Fest

by Jenny Sussin  |  December 11, 2012  |  4 Comments

I recognize even writing this blog post and the nature of my job alone makes me somewhat of a hypocrite for writing this, but the idea struck and I had to. So today I’m sitting at my desk and a particular group of sales guys walk by. I see them every day and every day […]


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The Gap Between Social Strategy and Execution

by Jenny Sussin  |  October 10, 2012  |  Comments Off

There are two points of view that matter when it comes to social marketing execution: the vision of the strategist and the execution of the LOB professional. Execution should be based on strategy as well all know but frequently the mindsets of these individuals are so far apart that recognizing mutually agreed upon success becomes […]

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The Admitting-You’re-Wrong Dance: Accountability for Social Engagement

by Jenny Sussin  |  July 26, 2012  |  3 Comments

So Jimmy Kimmel does this thing on his show where he’s started having celebrities read mean tweets that were posted in regards to the celebrities. These are definitely worth watching as they’re super funny, but there is something else Mr. Kimmel says that brings up a good point: people regularly say/write things that they don’t […]


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Why Your Colleagues/Employees/Boss Don’t Think Your Social Strategy is Brilliant

by Jenny Sussin  |  June 25, 2012  |  1 Comment

This is a follow-on/part 2 of my previous post titled: When I first heard about Twitter, I thought… The reason I’d asked people to comment on that last post by filling in the blank was that I want them (and the other lurkers) to recognize why their colleagues/employees/boss don’t think their social strategy is brilliant. […]

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When I first heard about Twitter, I thought…

by Jenny Sussin  |  June 22, 2012  |  16 Comments

I remember the first time I heard about Twitter. It was 2008 and a new colleague had just moved over to the team I was interning for. He was tasked with teaching our team about collaboration technologies and so I humored my boss (because I was an intern and hadn’t started acting out yet) and […]


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Google+ and Shiny Objects

by Jenny Sussin  |  September 1, 2011  |  1 Comment

Remember when Google+ was the only thing we were hearing about? “It’s a Twitter killer, it’s a Facebook killer, it is the only social network I will ever use.” Since the exclusivity approach to marketing the network has gone out to shore a bit, we tend to hear less and less about the network – […]

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