Waiting for Superman: Can Digital Commerce Save the Retail Store?

By Jennifer Polk | January 12, 2017

eCommerce sales growing, but store sales remain stagnant. Leading retailers are closing stores and placing their bets on the Web. Is a multichannel retail strategy the answer? Is digital commerce the only thing that can save the retail store?

Enable Considered Purchases Through Digital Commerce

By Jennifer Polk | October 14, 2016

Whether you sell consumer goods or industrial equipment, digital commerce is forever changing the way your customers plan, prepare and purchase products and services. But companies that sell considered purchases often think their products and services are too complex. Here’s why and how you should enable digital commerce for considered purchases.

Use Subscription Models to Keep Customers Coming Back

By Jennifer Polk | September 06, 2016

A subscription service isn’t a new concept. This model dates back at least as far as newspaper subscriptions that brought the weekly paper to your doorstep. Recently, a whole new fray of subscription revenue services has sprung up, giving customers…

Four Ways to Drive Digital Commerce Innovation

By Jennifer Polk | July 14, 2016

Digital commerce exemplars don’t merely convert their product catalogues into ecommerce sites and mobile commerce applications. Leaders in commerce achieve success by disrupting the customer buying journey itself, starting with understanding that journey. Digital commerce interactions that stand out employ…

Behold, Marketing and Commerce Clouds Converge

By Jennifer Polk | June 02, 2016

Yesterday Salesforce announced plans to acquire Demandware, a $2.8 billion acquisition that will add commerce to Salesforce’s Customer Success Platform and form the Salesforce Commerce Cloud. But this isn’t the first acquisition of its type, and it probably won’t be…

Big Data Short

By Jennifer Polk | April 13, 2016

Consider the possibility of a big data bubble.  “The Big Short”, a film based on a book by Michael Lewis, shows how the housing  bubble formed and how a handful of funds saw the risks in the mortgage market and…