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Of Innovation, Software and Phone Chargers

by Jeffrey Mann  |  February 23, 2009  |  4 Comments

This was going to be a rant about one of my pet peeves: Why does every electronic device have to have its own power cord and data cable? I am not a great gadget person, but I have accumulated a fair share of doo-hickeys: mobile phones, PDAs, iPods, work computers, GPS navigators, personal computers, cameras, […]


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Gaining Time with Blackberry; Not Always a Good Thing

by Jeffrey Mann  |  December 29, 2008  |  2 Comments

A few weeks ago, I blogged about my first month of Blackberry use, and the drawbacks I found. One of the reasons I held off on getting a Blackberry was that I was afraid of the messages I would send while on the move. When I’m in a rush, I don’t give good email. Like […]


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A Month of Blackberry Use for a Late Adopter

by Jeffrey Mann  |  November 11, 2008  |  8 Comments

As much as I like gadgets, I am not really an early adopter. After years of using fairly dumb mobile phones, I started using a Blackberry (BB) 8820 several weeks ago. I could have gotten a smartphone earlier, but I held off because I wasn’t sure I wanted to be that connected. I spend way […]


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